Discovery 48" Gas Rangetop, in Stainless Steel, with Natural Gas, High Altitude
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Discovery 48" Gas Rangetop, in Stainless Steel, with Natural Gas, High Altitude
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Brands DACOR
  • Continuous Platform Grates:provide an optimum cooking surface with even heat distribution- stock pot to sauce pan. Multiple pans are easily accommodated side-by-side, virtually gliding across the continuous surface. No more wrist sprains lifting that cast iron Dutch oven to the back burner.
  • SimmerSear Burners: give you total control. Perfect simmering or perfect searing? Just say yes. Simmer, sear and saut with the utmost control, thanks to our SimmerSear Burner, which also includes a melting feature. Precise control at ultra-high or ultra-low temperatures means superbly delicious results every time.
  • Illumina Burner Controls: unique to Dacor with their signature blue glow, pair easy control of each burner with a modern luminosity that always looks cool even at ultra-high temperatures. Genius is beautiful, isn't it?
  • Interchangeable Accessories:make changing your cooktop as easy as changing from pots to pans. You can easily add the standard Wok Ring or the optional Searing Grill or Griddle if your recipe calls for it. Each fits directly on the cooktop, giving you the ultimate in flexibility.
  • High Performance Dual-Stacked Burners: provide more control at low temperatures to melt without scorching and achieve a true simmer on every burner.
  • Burner Configuration (96,000 Total BTUs):2 SimmerSear Burners with Melting Feature (800-18,000 BTU)
  • 4 High Performance Sealed Gas Burners with True Simmer (800-15,000 BTU)
  • Exclusive Extra Wide Continuous Platform Grates:provide one of the largest usable cooking surfaces and allow extra large pots and pans to be moved effortlessly from burner to burner.
  • 3 14" Wide Continuous Platform Grates (DYRTP486)
  • 3 11-1/3" Wide Continuous Platform Grates (DYRTP366)
  • Brass Burners and Valves: for superior efficiency, reliability, and longevity.
  • Sealed Burners and Porcelain Enameled One-piece Spill Basin:for easy clean up.
  • Perma-Flame Technology:automatically re-ignites the flame for continuous heating and uninterrupted cooking should a burner unexpectedly go out.
  • Exclusive SmartFlame Technology:reduces flame contact with grate to prevent grate discoloration and increase longevity.
  • New Professional Design:enhances the contemporary kitchen with a near cabinet-depth fit.
  • Ships with both:brass and black burner caps.
  • Downdraft Compatible
  • 100% Recycled Packaging
  • American Made:Designed and Manufactured in California, USA
Overall Dimensions
DYRTP486() Width: 47 7/8
DYRTP486() Depth: 27 5/16
DYRTP486() Height: 9
Electrical 120 V, 60Hz, 15A
Gas Supply 3/4 Regulator
Gas Natural Gas (NG) standard with order.
Gas Special Orders Natural Gas High Altitude (NG/H), Liquid Propane (LP) and Liquid Propane High Altitude (LP/H).
One year parts and labor
Brand Dacor
Will the perfect rangetop in your kitchen guarantee a successful evening in your dining room? If that rangetop is our new Discovery rangetop, the odds are deliciously in your favor. Take your passion for cooking and mix in superb SimmerSear burners. Combine with porcelain-coated continuous platform grates. And sprinkle on illuminated knobs. Then add your own dash of inspiration..
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