Why is My Gas Stove Making a Noise?

What Do I Do When My Gas Stove is Making a Noise?

Gas stoves are extremely popular and dependable kitchen appliances. While gas stoves are relatively quiet, sometimes they make an unexpected noise – whether it's banging, clicking, or a high-pitched whine. Are you concerned because your gas stove is making a noise?

Some of these noises are part of normal operation, but some noises may signal serious problems. Let's take a look at some common noises gas stoves make, the reasons for these noises, and whether or not you need to take any additional steps.

Hissing or whooshing

  • When it's normal: Often when you use a gas oven you can hear the gas running to the unit. As the gas runs through the pipes, you might hear a hissing or whooshing sound. That's perfectly normal.
  • When it's not normal: If the sound you hear is not so much a whooshing, but a high-pitched whine, then you may need to replace the gas pressure regulator sooner rather than later. Unless you know how to do it yourself, call in a professional.

Booms and bangs

  • When it's normal: Loud pops or bangs that occur during preheating are caused by thermodynamics. The metal panels that make up your oven cavity naturally expand and contract as they heat up and cool down, which creates popping noises. This can also happen if you leave a metal pan in the oven or broiler as it preheats, causing the pan to warp and emit a startling, but not dangerous, loud bang.
  • When it's not: Dirty or clogged igniters in a gas oven can cause loud bangs due to delayed ignition. What happens is, the gas builds up in the oven, then ignites all at once. If this happens, turn off the oven and contact a professional for help.

Clicks and ticks

  • When it's normal: Gas stoves use igniters to light the oven and burners. The igniter makes a clicking sound when it generates a spark and lights the burner. During normal operation, the igniter stops clicking when the oven or burner lights.
  • When it's not: If the clicking sound doesn't stop and the oven or burners don't light, then you know there's a problem. The constant clicking may indicate something simple like water or debris in the burners. Once the water evaporates, your oven should function properly. Or, if not wet, try cleaning the burners by sticking a paper clip into the holes and moving it around. If that doesn't solve the issue, then your ignition switches may be broken. Your service technician can replace them for you.

Smelling Gas is Never Normal

If you're concerned about your gas stove making a noise, it may just be part of its normal operation. However, while hearing the gas is normal, smelling it never is. If you smell gas, do not attempt to turn on the oven or any other appliance in the room. Do not turn on an electrical switch and do use a phone. All of these things can cause a fire or explosion if there is a gas leak in the room. If you smell gas you should leave your home immediately and call your gas provider and let them know you have a gas leak. They'll send someone out to your home right away.

The next time you hear your gas stove making a noise, don't panic. First, determine if the noise is normal and try to troubleshoot the issue. If you're not sure what's causing the problem, then contact a professional right away.

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