What Is the Best Coffee Machine for Me?

Choosing the Best Coffee Machines: Comparing Types, Sizes, and Features

In the United States alone, 65 percent of people consume coffee regularly, and 79 percent say they drink it at home. While coffee may be, well, coffee for some, true aficionados will know the difference in roast and taste. To truly enjoy your cup of joe, it may take a bit of experimenting to find your perfect brew.

Here’s the complete breakdown of the best coffee machines, comparable by type, size, and features!

Drip Coffee Makers

Drip coffee makers are the most popular type of coffee machine. These are easy to use, affordable, and produce a pot of coffee quickly. Hot water simple filters through the coffee grinds within minutes. The pot sits on a hot plate, ensuring your coffee doesn’t go cold. What’s excellent about a drip coffee maker is that they come in a variety of sizes and brewing capacities, so you’re sure to find one that fits your needs.

Espresso Machines

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘shot of espresso’ and can even enjoy that extra boost from your own home. Espresso has more caffeine per ounce than coffee but is typically only served two ounces at a time. These machines require a bit more technical knowledge and labor to get that perfect brew. For many, taking the time to learn the functions of the machine produces mouth-watering rewards. They are, however, a bit more expensive and bulkier than your average coffee machine.

French Press

The French press provides a unique and rich coffee brewing experience. Coffee grounds go into its long cylinder and become submerged in heated water. Once satisfied with its brewing time, you’d press the coffee grounds down to the bottom. Then, use the spout at the top to pour your delicious brew. A French press is perfect for those particular about their coffee, as it offers complete control over the amount of ground coffee, water, temperature setting, and brewing time. They are also quite small and can tuck away easily when not in use.

Single Serve Coffee Makers

For this one, it’s right in the name. Many people don’t have a need to brew an entire pot of coffee or the desire to press their own manually. With a single serve coffee maker, you’re getting just the amount you need, hot and ready, every time. These machines use pods that come in an array of flavors and roasts. After being placed directly in the machine, users simply have to press a button and watch as a stream of heavenly coffee pours into their mug. Similar to drip coffee makers, single serves also come in various sizes and brewing capacities.

Where to Find Your Perfect Coffee Machine

Your needs will determine if your perfect coffee machine has an array of features or a simple button, is fully automated, or requires some manual work. While the machines listed here are the most popular and will produce the best coffee, you don’t have to decide alone. Let the experts at Reno’s Appliance walk you through our impressive collection of brands and models to find the right coffee machine for you!