Touch Control Cooktops: Should You Invest?

All You Need to Know About Touch Control Cooktops

Touch control cooktops are all the rage these days. People everywhere are upgrading their older cooktops in favor of these more modern appliances, despite the fact that they are slightly more expensive than more conventional models with knob controls. Are touch control cooktops worth the hype and the additional investment? At Reno's Appliance, we are New Jersey's kitchen appliance experts and wanted to give you 6 reasons why we think touch control cooktops are worth the investment:

  1. Wide availability: Touch control cooktops are available in gas, electric, or induction models. You don't have to give up your preferred heat source for touch control convenience. Be sure to check out the showroom at Reno's Appliance for our large selection of cooktops.
  2. Precise temperature control: No more guesswork when trying to get the heat level just right. Touch control cooktops allow you to zero in on exact temperatures for better cooking results.
  3. Easier clean-up: With a touch control cooktop, you won’t have to worry about any gunk build-up behind the knobs, so that's one less thing to clean. And, without bulky knobs in the way, you can easily clean your cooktop surface. Just a simple spray of your favorite cleaner and a swipe of the sponge is enough to clean up most spills. Just be sure to wait until the surface has cooled down first
  4. Safety: Most touch control cooktops come with built-in safety features. For example, you can lock the temperature controls so you don't accidentally turn on the cooktop. This is an especially important feature if you have children in the house who are at an age where they love to explore and touch everything.
  5. Aesthetics: The knobs of traditional cooktops are typically located in the front of the unit, which means they usually extend a few inches past the cabinetry. Touch control cooktops, on the other hand, have no knobs, so they're more sleek and stylish than traditional models, and perfect for any modern kitchen.
  6. Added features: Of course, touch controls offer added features not available with knobs, such as pre-programmable stop times on each burner. Not only does this help save energy, but it also prevents overcooked meals. Some gas touch control cooktops also have technology that automatically re-ignites any burner that may unexpectedly go out.

Touch control cooktops may be a bit more expensive than traditional models, but we think that you definitely get what you pay for. If you're thinking about upgrading to a touch control cooktop, then come to Reno's Appliance. We have an extensive inventory of cooktops from some of the best brands, including Dacor, Wolf, Bosch, and more.

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