Outdoor Appliance Experts Offer 6 Reasons You Need a Pro BBQ Grill

Are you looking to heat up your grilling game this year? Then you’re definitely going to need a better grill. Professional-grade grills have become all the rage among grilling novices as well as those who consider themselves to be BBQ pros. As outdoor appliance experts, we’re here to offer six reasons why you need to get a pro BBQ grill, pronto!

  1. Better Tasting Food

Can getting a pro grill actually make your food taste better? Absolutely. Pro grills have more precise controls and use ceramic charcoal briquettes for better heat distribution and more predictably delicious results than you’d ever get with a traditional grill. Your food will cook up perfectly, with less effort, every time. Steaks and burgers will be juicy, veggies will be crispy, and guests will be asking for seconds.

  1. Ultra-High-Quality Manufacturing

When it comes to pro grills, you definitely get what you pay for. You’ll find that pro grills are flawlessly designed, solidly constructed, and engineered for ease of use. To ensure reliability, engineers stress-test designs under laboratory conditions that simulate years of use. When you invest in a pro grill, you can expect that it’s the last grill you’ll ever need to buy.

  1. Superb Searing Capability

The perfect sear is the goal of every outdoor cooking enthusiast. Pro-level grills often have a dedicated area just for searing. Some grills take that feature a step further, allowing you to adjust searing temperature settings to get restaurant-quality sear marks that will leave your friends in awe.

  1. Built-In Rotisseries

Do you want to really raise the bar at your next backyard barbecue? Then get yourself a pro grill with a built-in rotisserie. This is a feature that you might not think you need, until you actually have one. Then you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Imagine serving family and friends who might be expecting the standard barbeque fare, a perfectly roasted leg of lamb or pork loin with an assortment of roasted veggies. That certainly beats burgers and hot dogs any day of the week.

  1. Huge Cooking Capacity

Pro grills have enormous capacity, which are ideal for the biggest backyard bashes. Finally, you can cook everything on the menu at once so it’s hot and fresh when you’re ready to eat. There will be no more squeezing burgers onto every last square inch. No more letting the chicken legs get cold while you’re grilling up veggies. And because everything cooks together, you’re not stuck behind a grill all day trying to keep up with the demand of your hungry crowd.

  1. Beauty

Pro BBQ grills are simply gorgeous outdoor appliances. Does the appearance of a grill really matter? We think it does. We all spend a lot of time making sure that we have lush lawns. We pick out the perfect patio furniture and will gladly spend a few weekends sanding and staining the deck. Why would you want to have an old eyesore of a grill? A beautiful grill compliments the entire outdoor look you’ve worked so hard to cultivate.


Ready to become a BBQ pro this summer? If so, a new grill is certainly in order. Head over to Reno’s Appliance to see our entire selection of pro grills, accessories, and other outdoor appliances from top brands like DCS, Lynx, and Viking. Then dig out your favorite grilling recipes and invite the neighbors over for a summer feast.

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