Six Things to Avoid in Your Kitchen Remodel | Paterson, NJ | Reno's Appliance

Anyone who has made the decision to tackle a kitchen remodeling project knows how quickly things can add up; a granite countertop here, new custom cabinets there - don’t forget the designer faucet?

The average cost for a high-end kitchen makeover has surpassed the $50,000 mark.

With such a large investment, many homeowners are hoping to end up with a finished product that will remain looking fresh for as long as possible. Problem is, what is trending today, may be out of style in just a year’s time - just like that, your NEW kitchen, is suddenly dated!

This is when you have to ask the main question - who is this remodel for?

Are you doing this for yourself, for your own enjoyment - or do you need the update to be able to sell your house?

If the objective is for resale purposes, you will need to make sure you’re getting the highest return on your investment and the choice will appeal to the largest audience. For starters, white paint and neutral colored cabinets have the greatest appeal.

However, if you’re not planning to make a move soon, your decisions can be more personal, without as much concern over the design feeling dated.

Keeping a kitchen current isn’t an exact science, but there are some suggestions of things to avoid to keep your remodel looking relevant.

Farmhouse Sinks

Several years ago, the apron-front kitchen sink was a major trend - however, this trend has seemed to pass with buyers favoring a more standard stainless sink.

Kitchen Niches

For years, kitchens would include built-in nooks for phones, mixers, dispensers, and even a desk. These concepts have gone to stern. Many homes no longer have telephone land-lines, and it became apparent quickly that nobody ever really sat at those desks in the kitchen -  they became another place to pile up junk.

A more modern approach is to have a drawer easily accessible for notepads and pens - and of course the essential charging station for the family’s electronic!

Trash Compactors

A very popular appliance in the 1970’s and 80’s, trash compactors were in nearly every kitchen. However, while they still have a following, they tend to smell and fill up easily. They can malfunction and leave the homeowner with more of a hassle than simply just taking out the trash more often.

On-the-Counter Microwaves

Current kitchens have a space for the microwave - not on the counter or in a niche. Many are built into the upper cabinets, or under the counter microwave drawers that fit with the rest of the cabinets -freeing up valuable kitchen counter space. Many are equipped with safety features and are installed at levels easily accessible for children.

Range Hoods or Pot Racks as Focal Points

Several years ago decorative range hoods were all the rage, and while they haven’t completely disappeared from the remodeling landscape, their popularity is diminishing. Same can be said for hanging pot racks. Homeowners now prefer to store pot collections in deep drawers that roll out for access, keeping the kitchen free from clutter.

Colorful Appliances

While many appliance manufacturers are pushing white, arctic, or ice as the “new stainless”, but good old stainless steel is still the preference of the majority of kitchen shoppers. With any decor, whether contemporary or traditional, it still has widespread appeal. For keeping your kitchen current for as long as possible, avoid all colors - even colored knobs - and go with the timeless stainless finish.

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