The Refridgerator You've Been Searching For: Sub-Zero 42" Built-in Side-by-Side

Did you know that you can purchase a refrigerator that costs only a little more to operate than an incandescent light bulb, hour for hour? At Reno’s Appliance we offer some of the best refrigerators on the market today and we believe that the Sub-Zero 42” Built-in Side-by-Side unit is one to brag about. In 2000, Sub-Zero & Wolf merged to begin manufacturing a high-end, built-to-last product line of kitchen appliances you are sure to love.

Sub-Zero has mastered the science of refrigerating and freezing your food, but there is more to a great refrigerator than just the temperature. What about the storage within the unit? They have the perfect answer to internal storage. Not only are there more shelf placement options with the 42” side-by-side unit, but there are also more drawer options. They have even thought of the daily wear and tear on refrigerator drawers, designing elongated handles for this unit. The handle design alone demonstrates the superior efforts of the engineering team at Sub-Zero. Plus, the team tests each and every refrigerator they make 24 hours before boxing them up for delivery.

Now consider the Sub-Zero answer to temperature maintenance. When we look at these refrigerators, we see an entire product line that offers dual refrigeration systems. The refrigerator side stays cool and moist, while the dry air of the freezer prevents frost and freezer burn. The Sub-Zero 42” unit even offers precise temperature control so that your system remains within one degree of the setting you create. This keeps food at an ideal temperature. The unit also lets you know when a door is left ajar.

The company engineers looked to NASA for help with continually eliminating the growth of those unwanted, microscopic visitors that cause the shelf life of food to decrease. You don’t have to understand the science of purified air to understand that spoiled food is money wasted. NASA agrees and so did Sub-Zero engineers. They made sure to install an air purification system in every unit to optimize the shelf life of the foods you buy.

And what about the little things in refrigerator design improvements, such as the interior light needed for those secret midnight snacks or having to replace older refrigerator bulbs when they start blinking? We have you covered. The 42” Side-by-Side is outfitted with the latest in LED lighting, which equates to a brighter interior and eliminates the need to continuously go out and buy new bulbs.

Let’s about longevity. The engineers at Sub-Zero project that with proper use, this unit will remain optimally functional for at least two decades. This means that besides capitalizing on the interior shelf life of your food, you are also purchasing a refrigerator that will save you the money of having to buy a replacement for a long time. The minimalist exteriors of the Sub-Zero units are adapted with that fact in mind. Their tasteful look is sure to fit any kitchen design changes throughout the decades.

If you are ready to buy the refrigerator of your dreams, stop buy Reno’s Appliance in Paterson, NJ. We feature several Sub-Zero refrigerator models that may also interest you. Our showroom has extended evening hours for your convenience and our appliance experts are here to help explain any and all other advantages of the units we offer. Visit our website to browse before you stop by or give us a call at 866.88.RENOS. We look forward to seeing you soon!