Preventing Disaster: Know When to Replace Your Washing Machine Hoses

How much attention do you pay to your washing machine hoses? Do you remember the last time you replaced them? If you’re like most people, then you probably had hoses installed with your current washing machine and you haven’t thought about them since.

But as experts in appliances, we know that completely ignoring the washing machine hoses means you’re taking a major risk. We wanted to explain to you the importance of monitoring your hoses and replacing them regularly.

Let’s start with the basics. Washing machine hoses are located on the back of your machine and bring water from your home’s pipes into the machine. They are typically made with rubber but can also be made of stainless steel or nylon

Watch the hoses the next time your washing machine fills up. You may be surprised to see just how much pressure those hoses are under during a typical wash cycle. Another issue to consider is water hammer. Water hammer occurs when the flow of water through a pipe is suddenly stopped. For example, when your washing machine shuts off the valve after the wash basin is full. The abrupt stoppage of water creates a wave of pressure that travels along the pipe and will impact anything that connects to the pipe, including your washing machine hoses.

Between water pressure and water hammer, your washing machine hoses take a lot more abuse than you may have realized. Over time, rubber hoses lose their flexibility, weaken, and tear. If one of those hoses disconnects or bursts, all of that water is going to empty right into your home. That’s bad news if your washer is in the basement, and really bad news if your washer is on another level of your home. And just imagine how much damage could occur if a hose were to fail while you were at work or worse- on vacation. We’re talking catastrophic flooding and expensive damage.

Here are a few suggestions to lower the risk of your washing machine hoses suddenly bursting:

  • Replace your old rubber hoses regularly. Most plumbers recommend changing hoses every 5 years. Another rule of thumb is to change them every leap year. That may make the chore easier to remember.
  • Install nylon hoses. Nylon hoses are inexpensive, easy to install, and can take a lot more abuse than rubber hoses.
  • Purchase an emergency shutoff kit. Available at your local hardware store, these devices come with a water sensor, so if a leak is detected, an alarm goes off and the water supply valves automatically close. It may be a good investment.

So, be sure to check your washing machine hoses every few months. Look for fraying, bulging, cracking, or small leaks and replace them if they look worn. It’s also a good idea to replace them if you can’t remember the last time you did (even if they look fine). It’s a small investment of time and money, but it could help you avoid thousands of dollars of damage. 

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