Not a Sound: Quietest Dishwashers

The Quietest Dishwashers for Your Home

Love your dishwasher, but hate how noisy it is? It’s a common complaint about what is often the hardest-working and loudest appliance in your kitchen. The good news is that dishwasher brands are constantly in competition to produce the quietest dishwasher possible. There are now dozens of super quiet dishwashers on the market. However, some of these low-sound level models sacrifice performance for quiet operation. Others, however, find just the right balance.

At Reno’s Appliance, we’re dishwasher experts and wanted to give you our recommendations for the quietest dishwashers that still deliver outstanding wash performance.

  1. GE Profile
    The GE Profile is one of GE’s quietest models, operating at only 42 decibels. That’s about as quiet as a bird chirp or the background noise of your local library. It also includes some of GE’s most sought-after dishwasher features. For example, bottle jets are integrated into the upper rack to clean hard-to-reach areas inside tall items; the Deep Clean Silverware Jets clean your silverware with concentrated, powerful blasts; and the Piranha Hard Food Disposer pulverizes food particles to prevent clogging of the wash arms.
  2. Samsung Chef
    Operating at 42 decibels, the Samsung Chef features the brand’s patented WaterWall Technology, which uses a powerful, sweeping wall of water for complete, yet quiet washing. It also features a special third rack with a bendable silverware tray, as well as Samsung’s special Zone Booster feature, which enables you to target specific sections of the bottom rack with, particularly intense spray action.
  3. LG Top Control Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Dishwasher
    This quiet selection from LG emits a maximum of 42 decibels thanks in part to LG’s LoDecibelTM Quiet Operation technology. This model also includes TrueSteam, which delivers a powerful, barely audible cleaning performance and eliminates the need for pre-washing. This LG dishwasher also has four spray arms that rotate back and forth to thoroughly clean your dishes on the first cycle. Best of all, this appliance is Wi_fi enabled and be controlled via an app on your mobile phone.
  4. Bosch 800 Series
    Bosch is famous for producing outstandingly quiet dishwashers. With a sound level of only 40 decibels, the Bosch 800 Series is no exception. It’s so quiet that it features an InfoLight that projects onto the floor during the wash cycle, so you know it’s running. It also features Bosch’s RackMatic system, allowing for the upper rack to adjust to 3 different heights in 9 different positions. Bosch’s Benchmark Series dishwasher shares the same features as the model above and is just as quiet.
  5. GE Café Series
    The Cafe Series dishwasher features more than 140 cleaning jets, yet amazingly still only runs at 40 decibels. The upper rack is adjustable to accommodate large items, and a special third rack cleans flatware. The dishwasher’s hidden heater ensures that your dishes leave the dishwasher dry and table ready.
  6. KitchenAid 39 DB Dishwasher
    The name says it all. This virtually silent dishwasher from KitchenAid emits an astonishingly low operating noise of 39 decibels; it’s one of the quietest dishwashers available. It also provides an excellent clean with several thoughtful features like a fan-enabled ProDryTM System, third-level rack, and a bottle wash with flexible nozzles that can be inserted into deep items to ensure every dish comes out spotless. Plus, the fingerprint and smudge resistant PrintShieldTM Finish helps your dishwasher look pristine, too.

If you’ve had it with your noisy dishwasher, then stop by Reno’s Appliance and ask a member of our sales team about the models above or any other low-noise dishwashers we have.

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