Making the Case for a Kitchen Trash Compactor

Making the Case for a Kitchen Trash Compactor

When building or remodeling your kitchen, installing a kitchen trash compactor may be the last appliance on your mind. You may not even consider it to be an essential part of a kitchen. However, a closer look at the benefits of a trash compactor may just change your mind. If you want to have a cleaner, less cluttered kitchen, keep reading!

A Trash Compactor is the Surprising Addition Your Kitchen Needs

A trash compactor works to compress your trash so that it occupies less space. They have been around since the 1970s and have come a long way from their humble beginnings. They are no longer bulky and overly noisy; Most can fit right under a cabinet and are often made around the overall design of the kitchen. Stand-alone trash compactors can also be purchased and placed anywhere in the kitchen, as long as it’s near an electrical outlet.

In the past, many people avoided using trash compactors because they were worried about the smell of garbage wafting up after a few days. However, newer models have now included odor seals to keep the compactor and the surrounding areas smelling fresh and clean. New compactors also feature connection plates that can be washed to maintain the cleanliness of the machine.

Benefits of Using a Trash Compactor

Reduce the Clutter of Garbage

Many have found that using trash compactors are a great choice for reducing clutter in the kitchen. There is no longer a reason to have a bulky and unsightly trash can in the kitchen. It also helps to reduce the volume of trash that must be thrown away every week. This makes a trash compactor a great choice for people who live in an area that does not have a garbage pickup very often.

Fewer Trips to the Trash Bin

Using a trash compactor will result in fewer trips to the trash bin. This is because the compacted trash takes up less space in the trash bin. Some trash compactors can even fit up to six bags of trash in one compacted bag, which means that the trash won’t need emptying as often. If you happen to dread taking out the trash, a trash compactor may soon become a necessary appliance in your household.

Save Money on Trash Bags

As a result of a higher volume of garbage fitting into one trash bag, you will use fewer trash bags than you would with a typical garbage can. This allows you to save valuable money that can be used towards other ventures.

Visit Reno’s Appliances for Your Trash Compactor

While you may not have considered a trash compactor in the past, this appliance has proven itself to be quite useful. If you have been on the fence about whether or not to bite the bullet on installing a trash compactor in your kitchen, reach out to the experts at Reno’s Appliances. Our highly qualified staff can take you through our showroom and answer any questions you may have.