Keeping Your Outdoor Appliances Safe from the Elements

Outdoor Appliances Need Special Care as the Winter Weather Approaches

An outdoor kitchen is a great feature to have at your house if you enjoy entertaining and spending time outdoors. You’ll get a lot of use out of it during spring, summer, and even into early fall. But as winter approaches, you’ll have to make sure that your outdoor appliances are properly protected from the elements. At Reno’s Appliance, we’re outdoor appliance experts and wanted to offer these 5 tips to ensure that your outdoor appliances survive winter and will be in good shape when the warm weather returns. 

  1. Make Plumbing a Priority
    When the temperature drops, any water remaining in your appliances’ water pipes can freeze, which can cause your pipes to burst. This can lead to flooding, huge plumbing bills, and put your outdoor kitchen out of commission for a while. Be sure to drain water from all faucets and supply lines before the weather gets too cold.

    To clear your pipes, first shut off all water supply lines leading to the kitchen from the indoor plumbing system. Once the water is shut off, turn on the faucets to let any remaining water drain out. Remember that water lines don’t only run to sinks, but to outdoor dishwashers, water filers, and ice makers as well. Finally, leave all faucets in the open position throughout the winter.
  2. De-Grease Your Grill
    If you’ve used your grill a lot during the summer, then there’s probably a lot of grease and grime built up. You should definitely clean your grill thoroughly before you shut it down for the winter. Also, be sure to turn off the gas line to the grill or remove the propane tank. The propane tank can be stored in your garage or a cool dry spot in your basement.

    Once the grill is clean, get a high-quality grill cover keep your grill in tip-top condition over the winter. Make sure to use one designed for your type of grill that will allow moisture to escape. Synthetic materials work best for withstanding weather and allowing moisture to move through.
  3. Get Your Refrigerator Ready
    To winterize your outdoor refrigerator, turn off the appliance and unplug it. Clean the inside thoroughly with soap and water. Remove the grill on the bottom of the unit and vacuum up any dirt and dust. Vacuum the refrigerator coils as well.

    You can protect the exterior by applying a coat of stainless steel finish. Avoid using a refrigerator cover because it can trap moisture inside the unit, which could lead to mold and mildew growth.
  4. Don’t Forget the Dishwasher
    To winterize your outdoor dishwasher, drain the water lines leading to it to keep the pipes from bursting. Then, apply a coat of stainless steel finish to protect the exterior. Again, covering the unit will only encourage mold and mildew growth so avoid using an appliance cover.
  5. Fix up Your Firepit
    If you have a firepit in your yard, then that will also need to be prepared for winter so it will function come spring. First, remove debris, ash, and wood that may have accumulated in the fire pit throughout the summer. If your fire runs on gas, then be sure to turn off the gas supply. Finally, cover the fire pit with a weather resistant cover to keep out snow, leaves, and animals.

Whether you’re preparing for your first winter with outdoor appliances, or you’ve had outdoor appliances for years, these tips can help you avoid costly repairs or replacements. If you’re looking to create an outdoor kitchen, then head over to Reno’s Appliance to get everything you need for outdoor cooking and entertaining.

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