Ice Maker Slow at Making Ice? Try These Tips

My Ice Maker Is Slow At Making Ice! Help!

If you've got an ice maker in your refrigerator, then you know how convenient it is to have a steady supply of ice ready at all times. You may not realize how much you depend on it until the day you notice that your ice maker is slow at making ice, or even worse, not making ice at all. If your once-dependable ice maker isn't keeping up with demand, here are five tips for troubleshooting the problem.

  1. Turn down the freezer temperature: Ideally, your freezer should be set between zero and five degrees Fahrenheit. If your freezer is set higher than five degrees, then the water may take longer to freeze into cubes. Lowering the freezer temperature will help the incoming water freeze quicker so ice cubes are formed faster.
  2. Keep the freezer well-stocked: Most people don't realize this, but a near-empty freezer can cause your ice maker to be slow at making ice. Having the freezer at least half full makes it easier for the appliance to maintain the consistently low temperature needed to create ice quickly. Stock it with water bottles or ice packs if you need to add bulk. Of course, you don't want to overfill the appliance either, as this could restrict airflow and also cause the ice maker to be slow at making ice.
  3. Make sure the water line isn't restricted: Pull the freezer away from the wall to check the water line leading to it. Make sure it's not kinked, damaged, or blocked in any way. Also, turn the valve on the water supply line to the fully open position to ensure full water pressure.
  4. Make sure the chute isn't blocked with ice: Sometimes, cubes in the ice bin may melt slightly and refreeze, which creates large clumps of ice. It's impossible for new ice to push past these larger ice clumps so ice continues to back up and clog the chute. If this happens, then remove the ice storage bin and empty out the entire bin in the kitchen sink. Then put the bin back in the freezer. You should notice ice production start to ramp up after that.
  5. Replace the water filter: Ice makers come with filters that remove impurities from the water before the ice is made so the cubes don't taste funny. If your water filter hasn't been replaced in a while, then do it now. A clogged water filter could be blocking water flow and causing the ice maker to be slow at making ice.

If you check all the items above and your ice maker is still slow at making ice, then it might be time to call in a professional to repair it. Or, it may be time to treat yourself to a new ice maker. Reno's Appliance carries a variety of high-quality ice makers from top brands including Whirlpool and Electrolux.

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