How to Prep for an Appliance Home Delivery

Are You Receiving a Home Appliance Delivery? Here's What You Need to Know

What's more exciting than purchasing a new appliance? The day it's delivered and installed! Make sure your appliance home delivery goes as smoothly as possible by following these tips.

Start Prep Before Your Shop

Before you even head to the store, be sure to take accurate measurements of the space where the appliance will live, the doorways, hallways, tight corners, and staircases along the delivery path. If you're unsure of how to take proper measurements, ask your sales associate if someone from the delivery team can come out to your home and assess your space. That way, you know that your appliance will be delivered with minimum hassle.

Communicate with Your Sales Associate

Make sure that you tell your sales associate specific details that will be helpful for the delivery team to know. Will the appliance need to be installed in the basement or on the second floor? Is there an old appliance that needs to be removed first? Will the team have access to a driveway? Your Reno's sales associate will certainly cover all of the important details as you set up your appliance home delivery appointment.

Make Sure You or an Adult is Home

This seems obvious, but it does happen that people aren't home on the day of delivery. You'll be notified well in advance of the day of your delivery and a time window. Make sure that you or an adult at least 18 years of age is home to accept the delivery during that time. You might have a responsible teenager at home, but if he or she is under 18, they can't accept the delivery. And try not to "run out" for a minute during your delivery window. That's always when the truck will pull up.

Secure Your Pets

If you have cats, dogs, or any other four-legged friends in the house, make sure that they are locked in a separate room, placed in a crate or carrier, or left with a neighbor for a while. This helps keep your pets and the delivery crew safe.

Clear the Delivery Path

Walk the delivery path and take note of anything that would get in the way of a safe and successful appliance home delivery. Remove loose rugs, toys, shoes, furniture, and any fragile items from the path. It's also advisable to take framed photos down from the walls. If stairs are involved, consider removing the banister of possible to create more room for the delivery. And if you happen to be receiving the delivery in winter, make sure that your front sidewalk and path to the house is shoveled and de-iced.

Check for Damage

At Reno's Appliance, we take every precaution to ensure that your appliance arrives in pristine condition. However, mistakes do happen. Once the delivery team takes the item out of the packaging, then check it carefully for damage. If damage is found, they'll remove the item and we'll schedule a replacement delivery right away. While disappointing, it would be much more frustrating if you didn't notice the damage until well after the delivery team was gone.

Reno's Appliance provides expert level delivery and installation. When you shop with us, your appliance home delivery will be completely taken care of. Learn more about how we can help you prepare for appliance delivery by contacting our staff!