How to Incorporate Appliances with a Slate Finish Into Your Kitchen

The Sleek Aesthetic of an Appliance's Slate Finish

Looking for unique and stylish appliances for your kitchen? Consider incorporating appliances with a slate finish into your kitchen. Slate is fast becoming one of the more popular options for kitchen appliances. Let’s look at all the reasons slate can be great in your kitchen décor.

Slate is Neutral, yet Warm

Slate is a low-reflecting medium grey color with beige undertones. It’s a neutral color, yet still maintains warmth and depth. Slate appliances are a good choice if you want to darken the kitchen’s atmosphere a bit, but not go as dark as black stainless steel or matte black.

Slate is Versatile

Slate is kind of like the chameleon of appliance finishes. No matter what style of kitchen you prefer, appliances with a slate finish will fit right in. Slate works with kitchens that are:

  • Rustic: Slate nicely compliments the dark, earthy, wood tones and textures of rustic kitchens. Stainless steel appliances would ruin the rustic mood, but slate ties it all together.
  • Modern: Slate appliances blend quite nicely with today's premium kitchen materials to complete a sleek and modern motif.
  • White: Love the look of a classic all-white kitchen? Bringing in a few appliances with a slate finish may provide just enough earthy balance to anchor the bright and airy atmosphere created by white.
  • Colorful: Slate appliances go great with colorful kitchens as well. Mixing red kitchen appliances with slate appliances can be particularly striking.
  • Classic: Any appliance’s slate finish will fit right into a classic kitchen design to help evoke feelings of warmth, coziness, and comfort.

Slate is Practical

Not only do appliances with a slate finish look fantastic and fit in with a variety of kitchen décor themes, but they have practical benefits as well. First of all, slate is smudge and fingerprint proof—unlike stainless steel—making it the ideal appliance finish for busy households with young children. You’ll also find that slate is a tough and durable material that resists nicks and scratches. Finally, slate appliances are magnetic, so you can display plenty of family photos and children's artwork like the good old days.

Slate is Trendy

Gray topped the list of the fastest growing kitchen color schemes last year. Appliances with a slate finish definitely complement that design trend. Slate provides a perfect understated look that suits today’s contemporary and transitional kitchens. The warm dark tone of slate blends in and complement its surroundings rather than stand out as can be the case with stainless steel appliances.

Slate has Staying Power

Have you ever been burned by jumping on board a home décor trend only to have it turn out to be a short-lived fad? That won’t happen with slate appliances. Slate may be trendy, but it looks like it’s here to stay. Slate is neutral enough to go with any type of décor, even as design trends change. It also offers a nice neutral alternative to all-too-common stainless steel kitchen appliances.

If you are convinced that slate would be great for your kitchen décor, then come to Reno’s Appliance to see our inventory of kitchen appliances in a wide variety of gorgeous finishes including appliances with a slate finish. Our friendly sales staff will help you find the perfect appliance for your home.