Explore the Difference Between a Top Mount and Bottom Mount Fridge

Weighing the Difference Between Top Mount and Bottom Mount Fridges

Top and bottom mount refrigerators are two of the most popular refrigerator models available today. If you're looking for a new refrigerator, you may be wondering: is there really a difference between a top mount and bottom mount fridge? And if so, which type is better? At Reno's Appliance, we're refrigerator experts and wanted to explain the difference between a top mount and bottom mount fridge so you can make the best choice for your home.

Top Mount Refrigerators

When you think of a traditional refrigerator, there's a good chance you're picturing a top mount refrigerator. These units feature a large fresh food compartment below a smaller freezer compartment.

There are several benefits to owning a top mount refrigerator:

  1. Size: Top mount refrigerators are typically between 30 to 33 inches wide and feature wider doors and interior storage areas than many other models.
  2. Variety: Theses fridges come in an impressive range of sizes, styles, colors, and designs, so they'll match with any type of décor.
  3. Cost: Top mount units are very common, which makes them the least expensive refrigerators on the market. They're a great option for today's budget-conscious homeowners.
  4. Versatility: You can get a freestanding model or, for a more contemporary feel, you may invest in a built-in top mount refrigerator.

Of course there are few drawbacks as well:

  1. Limited accessibility: The greatest disadvantage to a top mount refrigerator is the fact that you'll need to frequently bend down to reach fresh food. This can be less-than-ideal for older homeowners or those with back or knee issues.
  2. Smaller freezer size: Top mount units tend to have smaller freezer sizes than other models. If you're someone who likes to stock up on frozen items, then having limited freezer space may be a source of frustration.

Bottom Mount Refrigerators

Bottom mount refrigerators, otherwise known as bottom freezer refrigerators, are units that feature a fresh food compartment on top and freezer on the bottom. Thanks to an abundance of space and easy-to-access design, bottom mount refrigerators are an ideal selection for many kitchens. Here are the advantages of owning this type of refrigerator:

  1. Accessibility: A bottom mount fridge provides easier access to fresh vegetables, meats, eggs, dairy products, and beverages, which are the items people tend to use most often.
  2. Spacious freezers: The freezers on bottom mount units are larger than their top mounted counterparts. If you're someone who relies on freezing meats, soups, and stews, then you definitely want to consider a bottom mount unit.
  3. Versatility: As with a top mounted unit, you can choose to get a freestanding bottom mount fridge or a built-in model.

However, bottom mount refrigerators have a couple of disadvantages that you should consider:

  1. Cost: These units tend to be more expensive than their top mount counterparts.
  2. Freezer accessibility: Although it's larger, the freezer is on the bottom, so you'll have to bend over to reach items. Again, not ideal for older folks or if you have any back or knee problems.
  3. Crisper position: In some cases, the crisper drawers in a bottom mount fridge can be colder than necessary because of their close proximity to the freezer. So you may find that some of your fresh produce gets a little too cold or even develops a bit of frost.

The Bottom Line

Both bottom mount and top mount refrigerators are popular choices with their own sets of pros and cons. But in the end, the perfect refrigerator for your home is the one that matches your family's needs. Now that you know about the differences between top mount and bottom mount fridges, you can make the best decision.

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