Do I Really Need a Sub-Zero Refrigerator?

Does Your Lifestyle Suit a Sub-Zero Refrigerator?

Sub-Zero refrigerators are in a class by themselves. They are truly exceptional appliances but can be quite expensive as well. People often ask: “Do I really need to spend thousands of dollars on a Sub-Zero refrigerator?” Let’s look at the features and benefits of this premier refrigerator and then you can decide if it’s right for you and your family.

Superior Food Preservation

Sub-Zero prides itself on manufacturing a refrigerator that preserves food far longer than the competition. They know that there’s more to food freshness than simply keeping food cold. Temperature consistency, humidity, and air purity also play a role in keeping food fresh for the maximum amount of time. Here’s how they control for those elements:

  • Dual Compressors
    Typically, the air from your refrigerator migrates to the freezer, bringing bad odors and tastes with it, resulting in funny-tasting ice cubes and ice cream. Although this is no longer proprietary, Sub-Zero was the first company to have two compressors, one for the refrigerator and one for the freezer. This prevents transfer of air from the fridge to the freezer.
  • Microprocessor Temperature Control
    This next-level temperature control ensures that your Sub-Zero refrigerator maintains a temperature within one degree of the set temperature at all times during normal use. This is very impressive when you consider that other refrigerators see temperature swings of up to 14 degrees. More consistent temperatures equal fresher food.
  • Vacuum Seal Technology
    Sub-Zero has a patented vacuum door seal system that completely seals the unit when the door is closed. No warm air gets in and no cold air leaks out.
  • Air Purification
    Many fresh foods emit ethylene gas as they sit, which causes other foods to spoil much faster. Sub-Zero refrigerators have a built-in air purification system that filters out ethylene, bacteria, and mold to help food last longer.

Quality Manufacturing

The quality standards this company holds are second to none. They use the best raw materials money can buy. Each refrigerator is designed and tested to last at least 20 years before it leaves the factory. They also have one of the best factory warranties in the industry, which proves they stand behind their product.

Design Innovation

No other brand of refrigerator offers as many models and designs as Sub-Zero. Sub-Zero was the first company to produce a counter-depth refrigerator that integrates into your cabinetry, making it virtually disappear. Other manufacturers wouldn’t offer that option for another 20 years after Sub-Zero pioneered the design. As a result, the company has developed strong relationships with kitchen designers and cabinet companies who choose Sub-Zero products exclusively. Increased

Resale Value

If a home that’s for sale has a Sub-Zero refrigerator, it will always be highlighted in the real estate listings. Why? When a prospective buyer sees the name Sub-Zero, they automatically assume that the home has a high-quality kitchen from top to bottom, and no renovations or new appliances are needed. If you’ve got a Sub-Zero, then you can demand thousands more for your home when it’s time to sell.

Sub-Zero refrigerators have a well-deserved reputation for being superior in every way. Sure, they’re expensive, but we believe they’re worth every penny. Stop by Reno’s Appliance in Paterson, New Jersey to see our complete line of Sub-Zero refrigerators. Of course, not everyone’s budget allows for the purchase of a Sub-Zero, but we also carry a full inventory of high-quality refrigerators from excellent brands such as GE, Whirlpool, and Samsung. We’ve got an appliance for everyone at every price point.