Buying an Oven

So you’re finally getting around to replacing that old range. There are a host of different stovetop/oven combos, and the decisions to be made are mind-numbing.

Gas or electric? Double oven or single? Every brand has a different combination, and the pros and cons are different for each option.

So, what do you do?

Gas or Electric?

This will be the most important decision when buying a new range. Most often this choice is made based on the available services in your home, but those can be modified should you feel strongly one way or the other. Before you go shopping, make sure you’re familiar with both options and take that path.

Electric ranges offer many benefits - they are easy to clean, provide an even surface and require no ignition. They also offer a more even distribution of heat within the oven. A drawback however is typically a glass or ceramic cooktop is less durable, and can damage easily.

Gas stoves and cooktops are more durable, and offer quick heat as the open flame is immediately hot - but a boil-over can cause a mess, and is more difficult to clean than the smooth electric surface.

Once you settled on a source, determine how many burners you’ll need. Most come with 4 or 5, and many ranges come with an interchangeable plate to turn one side into a griddle. Some gas ranges come with larger grates, and some smaller.

Double or Single Oven?

Back in the day, fitting a full-sized turkey in the oven was a tight squeeze. Now various brands are maximizing the inside-the-oven space, making cooking more items at once a breeze.

The newest feature in range ovens is the double oven range. They are perfect for the cook who needs the flexibility of a double oven, but doesn’t have enough space for a full, wall-sized appliance.

Pros of a double oven range include the ability to bake two different recipes simultaneously, at different temperatures – along with the ability to bake something on a single sheet, using the smaller upper oven using less energy than heating the entire unit would.

For those who like to entertain, or make many different things at once, the double oven is a great choice.

Do You Need a Hood?

It’s a good idea for every range top to have a hood - somewhere for the cooking smells and smoke to go. If you’re buying a new oven, you should consider a new vent hood as well. Buying the same brand as the range top will ensure the finishes match.

So, whichever options or brand you eventually choose, be certain to do your research and find what suits your individual styles and needs. The choices are plentiful.

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