5 Steps to Keep Your Kitchen Organized

The kitchen is often the gathering space for the entire home. Keeping your kitchen organized is key to making it seem open, clean, and inviting. Here are some of our favorite tips for doing so.

  • Everything should have a place. One of the first things you should do when organizing your kitchen is put everything in its place or create a spot for the item to go in. Use drawer organizers for kitchen utensils.
  • Put small appliances away. We love small appliances, however, if you have a lot of them, consider putting them in a cabinet. This will make a huge difference in the appearance of your countertops and really open up the space. Plus, you will have extra space to prepare delicious meals.
  • Use wall space to store everyday items. If you have some character on your walls, consider using floating shelves and hooks to hang up everyday items. Not only will you have easy access to items you use daily, you will also showcase your beautiful walls.
  • Incorporate a workspace. Adding a small desk or designating a certain part of the countertops for a workspace provides multiple benefits. Children love doing homework in the kitchen because it is the hub of the house and there is easy access to snacks. You will also have a spot to write recipes and pay bills.
  • Organize based off of your needs. Only you understand how you use the kitchen. Keep this in mind when storing plates, glasses, food, etc. Make your kitchen unique to you.

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