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  1. Not a Sound: Quietest Dishwashers

    Not a Sound: Quietest Dishwashers

    The Quietest Dishwashers for Your Home

    Love your dishwasher, but hate how noisy it is? It’s a common complaint about what is often the hardest-working and loudest appliance in your kitchen. The good news is that dishwasher brands are constantly in competition to produce the quietest dishwasher possible. There are now dozens of super quiet dishwashers on the market. However, some of these low-sound level models sacrifice performance for quiet operation. Others, however, find just the right balance.

    At Reno’s Appliance, we’re dishwasher experts and wanted to give you our recommendations for the quietest dishwashers that still deliver outstanding wash performance.

    1. GE Profile
      The GE Profile is one of GE’s quietest models, operating at only 42 decibels. That’s about as quiet as a bird chirp or the background noise of your local library. It also includes some of GE’s most sought-after dishwasher features. For example, bottle jets are integrated into the upper rack to clean hard-to-reach areas inside tall items; the Deep Clean Silverware Jets clean your silverware with concentrated, powerful blasts; and the Piranha Hard Food Disposer pulverizes food particles to prevent clogging of the wash arms.
    2. Samsung Chef
      Operating at 42 decibels, the Samsung Chef features the brand’s patented WaterWall Technology, which uses a powerful, sweeping wall of water for complete, yet quiet washing. It also features a special third rack with a bendable silverware tray, as well as Samsung’s special Zone Booster feature, which enables you to target specific sections of the bottom rack with, particularly intense spray action.
    3. LG Top Control Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Dishwasher
      This quiet selection from LG emits a maximum of 42 decibels thanks in part to LG’s LoDecibelTM Quiet Operation technology. This model also includes TrueSteam, which delivers a powerful, barely audible cleaning performance and eliminates the need for pre-washing. This LG dishwasher also has four spray arms that rotate back and forth to thoroughly clean your dishes on the first cycle. Best of all, this appliance is Wi_fi enabled and be controlled via an app on your mobile phone.
    4. Bosch 800 Series
      Bosch is famous for producing outstandingly quiet dishwashers. With a sound level of only 40 decibels, the Bosch 800 Series is no exception. It’s so quiet that it features an InfoLight that projects onto the floor during the wash cycle, so you know it’s running. It also features Bosch’s RackMatic system, allowing for the upper rack to adjust to 3 different heights in 9 different positions. Bosch’s Benchmark Series dishwasher shares the same features as the model above and is just as quiet.
    5. GE Café Series
      The Cafe Series dishwasher features more than 140 cleaning jets, yet amazingly still only runs at 40 decibels. The upper rack is adjustable to accommodate large items, and a special third rack cleans flatware. The dishwasher’s hidden heater ensures that your dishes leave the dishwasher dry and table ready.
    6. KitchenAid 39 DB Dishwasher
      The name says it all. This virtually silent dishwasher from KitchenAid emits an astonishingly low operating noise of 39 decibels; it’s one of the quietest dishwashers available. It also provides an excellent clean with several thoughtful features like a fan-enabled ProDryTM System, third-level rack, and a bottle wash with flexible nozzles that can be inserted into deep items to ensure every dish comes out spotless. Plus, the fingerprint and smudge resistant PrintShieldTM Finish helps your dishwasher look pristine, too.

    If you’ve had it with your noisy dishwasher, then stop by Reno’s Appliance and ask a member of our sales team about the models above or any other low-noise dishwashers we have.

    Reno's Appliance was founded in 1951 as Reno's Radio & TV. Since then, the shop has grown to become the one-stop home appliance source trusted by thousands. Reno's sons continue to carry on the tradition set forth by their father and exhibit exceptional customer service. Stop by our showroom in Paterson, NJ to view our wide selection of appliances.

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  2. Most Popular Sinks of Today

    Most Popular Sinks of Today

    The Market’s Most Popular Sinks

    If you’re renovating your kitchen, then you know how fun it can be to pick out new appliances, tile, cabinetry, hardware, and countertops. In the midst of these decisions, it can be easy to overlook the kitchen sink. However, the style of sink you choose can really impact the look of your new kitchen. Here are some popular sink styles you may want to consider for your kitchen renovation.

    1. Single or Double Bowl Sinks
      The basin of a single bowl sink is larger than the basins in a double bowl. This can be a benefit when you are washing large pots and pans. However, a double bowl sink allows you to soak dishes on one side while using the other for food prep. Single or double? It’s a personal preference. Carefully consider your daily habits when deciding which type of sink you want in your new kitchen.
    2. Self-Rimming or Drop-In Sinks
      A self-rimming, or drop-in sink’s weight is supported by a rim that extends above the countertop surface. This sink is typically available in stainless steel, porcelain, or enameled cast iron finishes. One of the reasons so many people like this popular sink is that it’s easy to install.
    3. Undermount Sinks
      An undermount sink allows for an uninterrupted surface between the countertop and the sink. This seamless design allows for easy cleanup, as there is no edge where crumbs and debris can get caught. This type of sink can only be used with solid-surface countertops, such as composite, granite or marble.
    4. Integrated Sinks
      Some countertop manufacturers integrate a sink with the countertop for a modern look. Integrated sinks and countertops can be made from natural stone, such as granite, or composite materials, such as quartz. An integrated sink can create a sleek and distinctive look in your new kitchen.
    5. Apron Front Sinks
      Depending on what finish you choose, these popular sinks can set the mood for your entire kitchen. Installing a porcelain or copper apron front sink evokes the warmth and charm of a rustic farmhouse. However, if you want a kitchen with a more modern feel, then choose a stainless steel finish for your apron front sink and install stainless steel appliances to match. In addition, apron front sinks are practical as they’re deep enough to hold large pots and platters for easy cleaning.
    6. Prep Sinks
      A prep sink is typically separated from the main sink so that more than one person can be working in the kitchen at the same time. If you like to cook with your spouse or family, then prep sinks can be invaluable. Often, they are installed in a kitchen island for maximum functionality. Prep sinks come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so you should have no problem choosing a style that works with your kitchen design and fits the space you have available.

    These are some of the more popular sinks that are popping up in kitchens everywhere. Of course, there are plenty of other types of sinks out there as well. The important thing is that you don’t underestimate the influence your sink can have on your kitchen décor. Be sure you carefully choose a sink that will enhance your lifestyle as well as the overall design of your new kitchen.

    If you’re looking for a new kitchen sink, then come to Reno’s Appliance. We carry popular sinks from top-name brands including Franke and Rohl. In fact, you can get every appliance you need for your kitchen renovation from Reno’s. Stop by our showroom in Paterson, NJ to see our wide selection of ranges, dishwashers, refrigerators, wall ovens, and more.

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  3. Do I Really Need a Sub-Zero Refrigerator?

    Do I Really Need a Sub-Zero Refrigerator?

    Does Your Lifestyle Suit a Sub-Zero Refrigerator?

    Sub-Zero refrigerators are in a class by themselves. They are truly exceptional appliances but can be quite expensive as well. People often ask: “Do I really need to spend thousands of dollars on a Sub-Zero refrigerator?” Let’s look at the features and benefits of this premier refrigerator and then you can decide if it’s right for you and your family.

    Superior Food Preservation

    Sub-Zero prides itself on manufacturing a refrigerator that preserves food far longer than the competition. They know that there’s more to food freshness than simply keeping food cold. Temperature consistency, humidity, and air purity also play a role in keeping food fresh for the maximum amount of time. Here’s how they control for those elements:

    • Dual Compressors
      Typically, the air from your refrigerator migrates to the freezer, bringing bad odors and tastes with it, resulting in funny-tasting ice cubes and ice cream. Although this is no longer proprietary, Sub-Zero was the first company to have two compressors, one for the refrigerator and one for the freezer. This prevents transfer of air from the fridge to the freezer.
    • Microprocessor Temperature Control
      This next-level temperature control ensures that your Sub-Zero refrigerator maintains a temperature within one degree of the set temperature at all times during normal use. This is very impressive when you consider that other refrigerators see temperature swings of up to 14 degrees. More consistent temperatures equal fresher food.
    • Vacuum Seal Technology
      Sub-Zero has a patented vacuum door seal system that completely seals the unit when the door is closed. No warm air gets in and no cold air leaks out.
    • Air Purification
      Many fresh foods emit ethylene gas as they sit, which causes other foods to spoil much faster. Sub-Zero refrigerators have a built-in air purification system that filters out ethylene, bacteria, and mold to help food last longer.

    Quality Manufacturing

    The quality standards this company holds are second to none. They use the best raw materials money can buy. Each refrigerator is designed and tested to last at least 20 years before it leaves the factory. They also have one of the best factory warranties in the industry, which proves they stand behind their product.

    Design Innovation

    No other brand of refrigerator offers as many models and designs as Sub-Zero. Sub-Zero was the first company to produce a counter-depth refrigerator that integrates into your cabinetry, making it virtually disappear. Other manufacturers wouldn’t offer that option for another 20 years after Sub-Zero pioneered the design. As a result, the company has developed strong relationships with kitchen designers and cabinet companies who choose Sub-Zero products exclusively. Increased

    Resale Value

    If a home that’s for sale has a Sub-Zero refrigerator, it will always be highlighted in the real estate listings. Why? When a prospective buyer sees the name Sub-Zero, they automatically assume that the home has a high-quality kitchen from top to bottom, and no renovations or new appliances are needed. If you’ve got a Sub-Zero, then you can demand thousands more for your home when it’s time to sell.

    Sub-Zero refrigerators have a well-deserved reputation for being superior in every way. Sure, they’re expensive, but we believe they’re worth every penny. Stop by Reno’s Appliance in Paterson, New Jersey to see our complete line of Sub-Zero refrigerators. Of course, not everyone’s budget allows for the purchase of a Sub-Zero, but we also carry a full inventory of high-quality refrigerators from excellent brands such as GE, Whirlpool, and Samsung. We’ve got an appliance for everyone at every price point.

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  4. Chest Freezers: A Guide to Purchasing

    Chest Freezers: A Guide to Purchasing

    Which Chest Freezers Should You Buy?

    Chest freezers are becoming increasingly popular because of their many advantages. For example, chest freezers have a large capacity so you can stock up on frozen goods or meats, cook and freeze plenty of meals for easy weeknight dinners, store fruits and vegetables from your home garden – the list goes on.

    There are all kinds of chest freezers out there so choosing the right one can be challenging. Before you go shopping, ask yourself these 6 questions so you can zero in on exactly what you want.

    1. How will you use the freezer?
      If the chest freezer is meant to supplement the freezer compartment in your refrigerator, you may prefer an upright chest freezer that makes the contents much easier to see and access. If your goal is to buy meat or frozen groceries in bulk and store it throughout the year, a chest freezer gives you more storage space for its size and uses less energy.

    2. What size will you need?
      Chest freezers come in 4 basic sizes: compact (around 5 cubic feet), small (6 to 9 cubic feet), midsize (10 to 18 cubic feet) and large (19 cubic feet or more). The larger the freezer the more it costs to run, so don’t buy a freezer that’s bigger than you what you need. If you’re looking to supplement your refrigerator’s freezer compartment, then a compact or small chest freezer may be all you need. If you’re storing cuts of meat, then a midsize or large freezer may be more necessary.

    3. Where will the freezer live?
      Measure the space where you want to place your freezer. Be sure to allow for a few inches of space around the freezer for air circulation, as well as enough room to open the door. Also, measure doorways that the freezer will have to go through during delivery to make sure it’ll fit. However, choosing where your chest freezer lives isn’t simply a matter of measurements. For example, do you plan to store it in an unheated garage? If so, then be sure it can withstand the range of temperatures that are typical where you live. If the freezer will be kept somewhere in your home, then choose a model that’s built to be quiet.

    4. Do you plan to defrost?
      Do you mind manually defrosting the freezer two or three times a year? Manual-defrost freezers are quieter and more energy efficient than auto-defrost models. However, if you don’t want to have to worry about it, then it's worth purchasing a model that automatically defrosts itself.

    5. What features do you want?
      Like anything else, chest freezers can be basic or come with lots of features. The more bells and whistles, the more it’ll cost, so only get those features that you know you really want. The features that most people desire are interior lights, adjustable shelving, and a power-on indicator. Other features are important to some, but not to others. For example, a safety lock may be important to parents of small children. Gardeners and hunters may appreciate a quick-freeze feature. And if you love ice cream, then some freezers feature a soft-freeze zone to keep ice cream at a scoopable consistency.

    6. What’s the cost/benefit analysis?
      If you use the freezer regularly, it’s easy to earn back the purchase price in savings by freezing extra produce, buying meat in bulk, stocking up on freezable groceries during sales, and storing catches from your hunting or fishing trips. You can even offset the yearly energy cost of $25 to $50 if the freezer helps you trim $3 to $5 from your monthly grocery bills.

    If you’re convinced that a chest freezer is right for you, then stop by Reno’s Appliance. We carry top-of-the-line freezers from the best brands including Frigidaire, GE, Whirlpool, Avanti and more. Stop by our showroom conveniently located in Paterson, New Jersey to see for yourself.

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  5. Best Appliance Brands for House Flipping

    Best Appliance Brands for House Flipping

    Thinking of House Flipping? Renovate with These Brands

    Smart investors have been "house flipping" - snatching up fixer uppers, renovating them, and quickly selling them for profit - for decades now. Whether you're currently flipping houses or are thinking of dipping your toe into the fun and fast-paced world of house flipping, you should be aware that installing the right appliances is an important part of the process. You want to install high-quality appliances that attract buyers, give you a good return on investment, and won't eat into your profits. It's a tricky balancing act for sure. As experts in appliances, we wanted to tell you what we think are the best appliance brands for house flipping.

    Kitchens are King

    Most house flippers will attest that a home’s kitchen can make or break a sale. Every home buyer wants to feel like their kitchen has top-notch appliances. Buyers want something that looks expensive, something they didn't believe was in their price range. So, from house flipper's perspective, they want to deliver a Sub-Zero look, at a lower cost.

    We recommend that house flippers strongly consider LG, Bosch, GE Café, and Samsung appliances in the kitchen. Whether it's a stove, a refrigerator, or a dishwasher, appliances from these brands perform well and look expensive, especially if you choose all stainless steel finishes. A house flipper can get a good deal on kitchen appliance packages from any of those brands. Flippers should also look for mail-in rebates or special deals, which will save them a lot of money in the long run.

    Also, consider putting in a new range hood. A sleek, inexpensive stainless steel range hood from Frigidaire, GE, or Bosch will elevate the look of your entire kitchen.

    Make Laundry Feel Luxurious

    The other two important appliances to consider when house flipping are the washing machine and dryer. Now, the truth is, prospective home buyers aren't usually expecting to be blown away by the laundry room. But a brand-new washer and dryer set will be a pleasant surprise for most home buyers and leave them with a more favorable impression of the house overall.

    The best appliance brands for your laundry room are Whirlpool, Electrolux, or LG. All of these brands provide high-quality, expensive looking machines at affordable prices. Just be sure to choose appliances from those brands that are in the mid-price range. Installing basic, inexpensive-looking appliances may backfire on the seller. The buyers may assume he or she cut corners or opted for the cheapest fix possible in other areas on the house in addition to the laundry room.

    Four More House Flip Tips

    Now that you know the best appliance brands for house flipping, here are a few more tips to help you get the most money from your flip:

    1. Do it yourself, unless you don't know how. If you have carpentry or plumbing skills, then go ahead and take on those projects and enjoy the savings. However, know when to call in a contractor. Paying a pro to do the job right will save you time and money in the long run.
    2. Embrace the power of paint. Never underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint. Most people can handle painting walls themselves and a paint job just gives the entire home a new, clean feeling.
    3. Sweat the small stuff. Focus on inexpensive details. Install new bathroom faucets and showerheads, replace kitchen cabinet hardware, get a new mailbox, install new doorknobs, and make sure the landscaping looks nice. These are all quick fixes that won't cost much but will catch the eye of a prospective buyer.
    4. Focus on floors. Gleaming new floors are one of the first things buyers notice. If the home has hardwood floors, then have them refinished. If there's carpeting, then it's worth ripping it out and showing off the hardwood.

    House flipping can be fun, but in order to make money, you have to do it right. If you're looking for the best appliance brands for your next house flipping project, then stop by Reno's Appliance in Paterson, NJ. We have every home appliance you may possibly need.

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