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  1. Do I Need a Range Hood?

    Do I Need a Range Hood?

    Pros and Cons of a Range Hood

    When considering the many appliances you have in your home, a range hood is one of the most important, but least appreciated. At Reno's Appliance, we're big fans of range hoods (pun intended) and believe that every home should have one. Here's a list of the 6 most important reasons you should invest in a range hood.

    It Clears the Air

    The most important most important benefit of a range hood is that it removes smoke, steam, and grease from the air in your kitchen while you're cooking. Not only does this reduce the amount odors and pollutants that you're exposed to, it also helps cut down on the growth of bacteria, germs, and even mold in your kitchen.

    It Cools Down Your Kitchen

    Another great benefit of a range hood is that it helps remove heat from your kitchen. Whether it's heat coming from your stove or steam coming off of your food, a vent hood will help prevent it from hitting you in the face and make it slightly more comfortable for you, especially when cooking in the summertime. That way, you can focus on your recipe and not the sweat on your brow.

    It Enhances Your Kitchen Lighting

    Range hoods contain small, but powerful lightbulbs. The extra illumination can help you see what you're doing, which is beneficial for both cooking and cleaning purposes. Being able to actually see what you're cooking can help you make sure it's being cooked properly and prevent burning. The extra light will also highlight the dirt and grease in crevices and hard to reach areas that you might miss otherwise.

    It Increases Your Property Value

    Prospective home buyers expect to see range hoods in every home they look at. If you don't have one, or the one you have isn't working properly, then it could decrease the resale value of your home. On the other hand, if you install a more high-end range hood, then you can up your asking price.

    It Allows for More Creative Cooking

    One of the most enjoyable benefits you gain from kitchen range hoods is the freedom to be creative with your cooking style. Knowing that pungent odors will get sucked away, you may be more willing to try exotic spices or enjoy highly flavorful, but strong-smelling vegetables such as garlic, peppers, broccoli, leeks, and onions. You might even be willing to incorporate more fish into your meals if it was the smell that prevented you from cooking it in the first place.

    It Adds Visual Interest

    Today's range hoods are not only functional, but they are beautiful as well. Oftentimes, a stylish, stainless-steel range hood can be the focal point of your kitchen. The right range hood can really give your kitchen a cohesive look, especially if you have other appliances that match. There's no denying that kitchen range hoods provide many important benefits and help create a more comfortable and beautiful home.

    If you're thinking about getting a new range hood, check out Reno's Appliance. We carry an extensive inventory range hoods from major manufacturers including Bosch, Broan, Zephyr, and many others. Plus, we have all the range hood accessories you may need.

    Reno's Appliance was founded in 1951 as Reno's Radio & TV. Since then, the shop has grown to become the one-stop home appliance source trusted by thousands. Reno's sons continue to carry on the tradition set forth by their father and exhibit exceptional customer service. We have every home appliance you will possibly need. Stop by our showroom in Paterson, NJ to view our selection.

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  2. Advantages of Stainless Steel Kitchens

    Advantages of Stainless Steel Kitchens

    Hop on the Modern Trend of Stainless Steel Kitchens

    Stainless steel kitchens have been a leading trend in kitchen design for years. If you want a kitchen that looks modern as well as timeless, stainless steel is the way to go. At Reno's Appliance, we love stainless steel kitchens and wanted to offer these 5 reasons when stainless steel is the optimal choice for your modern kitchen.

    It's Easy to Clean

    Stainless steel is ideal in the kitchen because it doesn't absorb stains or odors and it's resistant to rust or corrosion. But, if you own any stainless steel appliances then you know they are hardly ever completely free of stains. The surfaces of dishwashers, refrigerators, and ovens tend to attract fingerprints and water stains. This can be frustrating, but the good news is that cleaning stainless steel appliances is easy. Thus, stainless steel appliances remain looking as new as the day you bought them with little maintenance.

    It's Timeless

    Since stainless steel doesn't fade, discolor, or rust, a stainless steel kitchen will look sleek, clean, and modern for many years. Homeowners that choose stainless steel over the latest trend or design fad won’t have to worry about upgrading or updating their kitchen. Stainless steel really is timeless.

    It's Sanitary

    Did you know that real silver naturally kills germs? Similarly, stainless steel's non-porous surface resists the accumulation of harmful germs. The kitchen is where you handle raw meat, eggs, and work with your hands. It only makes sense that you should have germ-resistant materials in the kitchen. If you have small children, this is an especially important feature of stainless steel.

    It Adds Value

    Any real estate agent will tell you that upgrading your kitchen is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home. And, if you do decide to make that investment, then its best to go with stainless steel. True, stainless steel appliances can be a bit more expensive, but most prospective homebuyers are willing to pay more for a home that has a stainless steel kitchen.

    It's Gorgeous

    The best reason for choosing a stainless steel kitchen is because it looks gorgeous in any home. You can choose all stainless steel appliances and finishes for a sleek, cohesive look. Or, if you have a granite countertop and wooden cabinetry, for example, stainless steel appliances act as a third texture to balance out your kitchen. Plus, stainless steel adds a modern and professional element without being intrusive or grabbing too much attention.

    The next time you're ready to upgrade your kitchen, there's no reason not to choose stainless steel appliances. Whether you want a single stainless steel appliance, or you want to create a completely stainless steel kitchen, then come to Reno's Appliance. We carry an extensive inventory of stainless steel dishwashers, refrigerators, ranges, and range hoods.

    Reno's Appliance was founded in 1951 as Reno's Radio & TV. Since then, the shop has grown to become the one-stop home appliance source trusted by thousands. Reno's sons continue to carry on the tradition set forth by their father and exhibit exceptional customer service. We have every home appliance you will possibly need.

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  3. How to Load the Dishwasher the Right Way

    How to Load the Dishwasher the Right Way

    Proper Cleaning is all about Loading the Dishwasher Correctly

    Today's dishwashers truly are marvels of appliance engineering. They clean dishes, kill bacteria, and run more efficiently than ever. Unfortunately, no dishwasher has been invented that can overcome improper loading. If you don't load the dishwasher correctly, you'll see remnants of food stuck to your dishes, which is not only gross, but you'll be washing your dishes again by hand. At Reno's Appliance, we’re dishwasher experts and wanted to offer these tips on how to load the dishwasher the right way so they come out as clean as possible.

    Top Rack Tips

    1. Use the top rack for concave items such as bowls, mugs, and glasses, as well as large silverware and utensils.
    2. Don't place bowls facing the same direction. Put bowls in the back facing forward and put the ones in front facing backward to allow for better water penetration.
    3. Be sure to place glasses and mugs between the tines, rather than on them.
    4. Place dishwasher-safe plastics on the top rack only. They could warp if placed on the bottom rack.
    5. Lay large silverware items and utensils horizontally.
    6. Make sure that long-handled utensils, like ladles, are secure in their places so they don't fall through the rack and block the spray arm.

    Bottom Rack Basics

    1. Reserve the bottom rack for small utensils and larger items including plates, platters, pots, and pans.
    2. Arrange your plates and platters vertically.
    3. Place dishwasher-safe cutting boards along the perimeter of the bottom rack so they don't block the water spray.
    4. Load forks and spoons in the utensil basket with the handles facing down. Knives, however, should be loaded facing down so you don't risk cutting yourself when pulling them out.
    5. Mix up your cutlery to prevent them from "nesting" together, which could prevent an optimal wash.
    6. Place the various pots and pans open-side down in the bottom section of the dishwasher. 

    Overall Advice

    1. Aside from knowing what goes where in your dishwasher, you should also follow these best practices when you load the dishwasher.
    2. Avoid overfilling the dishwasher. Filling the dishwasher too much can prevent dishes from getting clean, and you'll wind up having to wash them again. It's better to give each dish the space it needs.
    3. But don't underfill either. A partially filled dishwasher is a waste of resources and puts wear and tear on your dishwasher. It's best to wash smaller loads by hand or wait to wash your dishes until you have a full load.
    4. Don't worry about pre-rinsing your dishes. This is one of the big dishwasher myths out there. Today's dishwashers are amazing at removing food residue so there's no need to prewash dishes.
    5. Do scrape away large pieces of any leftover food. While pre-rinsing isn't necessary, you should remove large chunks of food in order to avoid dishwasher disasters.
    6. Know what not to load. Certain items should never put in the dishwasher. Avoid putting in anything made of brass, copper, bronze, wood, or cast iron into your dishwasher. And if you've got any vintage bowls, plates, or fine crystal, then keep them out of the dishwasher as well. The heat and detergents can cause chips or strip away hand-painted details.

    If you are in need of a new dishwasher, then stop by Reno's Appliance to check out their extensive inventory of dishwashers from manufacturers that are known for dependability and durability including Frigidaire, Bosch, Whirlpool, and many others. 

    Reno's Appliance was founded in 1951 as Reno's Radio & TV. Since then, the shop has grown to become the one-stop home appliance source trusted by thousands. Reno's sons continue to carry on the tradition set forth by their father and exhibit exceptional customer service. We have every home appliance you will possibly need. Stop by our showroom in Paterson, NJ to view our selection.

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  4. Dishwasher Features You May Be Overlooking

    Dishwasher Features You May Be Overlooking

    Are You Utilizing These Helpful Dishwasher Features?

    Many modern dishwashers feature new technology to improve the machine's performance and make your life easier. But you might not even know that these dishwasher features exist. And that’s a shame because these dishwasher features can help save you time, energy, and money. If you've recently bought a dishwasher, or you're about to buy a new one, make sure it has these cool extras.

    • Time Indicator: Sometimes it feels like your dishwasher has been running all day. If you get a dishwasher with a built-in time indicator, you'll know how long your dishwasher has been running and how much longer it has to go before the cycle is complete.
    • Flexible Rack Configurations: It can be so frustrating when you're trying to load the dishwasher and your large pots or serving spoons simply won't fit. However, many newer model dishwashers have flexible racks that can be moved up or down, enabling you to fit larger items without blocking the water spray.
    • Water Sensors: This is one of the cooler dishwashers features out there. Some models have sensors that can determine how clean or dirty the water is. If the water is running clean, then the dishwasher knows that the dishes are clean, and the wash cycle will automatically adjust to use less water and energy. On the other hand, the sensors know if the water is particularly dirty and will maintain a steady flow of water to ensure the dishes get the extra attention they need.
    • Delayed Start: This handy feature lets you start the dishwasher at a predetermined time. If you have a full load ready to go, but want it to run overnight, you can simply set the washer to start after you're in bed. Or, you might want to program it to start when you know you won't be using other water-dependent appliances like your washing machine.
    • Sanitize Wash Cycle: Get your dishes beyond clean. With a sanitize feature, your washer will heat water to much hotter temperatures than human hands can handle. Your dishes will come out sparkling clean and germ-free.
    • Pause Wash: What's more annoying than starting the dishwasher only to discover that you've forgotten to add a couple of dishes? With the pause feature, you can halt the dishwasher cycle, add the dishes, and then start it right back up again without missing a beat.
    • Rinse and Hold Cycle: With a rinse and hold feature, you can run a quick cycle for just a few dishes. This cycle doesn't use detergent, requires much less water, and can give a quick rinse to dishes that aren't all that dirty. It can also be used to rinse off dishes and let them sit until you have a full load ready to go. This can help prevent you from washing less-than-full loads, which can be wasteful, and help stave off odor-causing bacteria while dishes wait to be washed.
    • Flatware Slots: One of the dishwasher myths out there is that you shouldn't put flatware in your dishwasher. That's definitely not true. In fact, newer dishwashers come with flatware slots that allow you to place spoons, forks, and knives into their own individual slots, so they're not bunched together. Items held in these slots tend to come out cleaner and dryer than if they're sitting in a utensil basket.

    If your dishwasher is missing any of these convenient dishwasher features, then come to Reno’s Appliance to see an extensive inventory of dishwashers that have all of these features, and more, from world-class manufacturers that are known for dependability and durability like Frigidaire, Bosch, and Whirlpool.

    Reno's Appliance was founded in 1951 as Reno's Radio & TV. Since then, the shop has grown to become the one-stop home appliance source trusted by thousands. Reno’s sons continue to carry on the tradition set forth by their father and exhibit exceptional customer service. We have every home appliance you will possibly need. Stop by our showroom in Paterson, NJ to view our selection.

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  5. Baking Hacks: The Science Behind the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

    Baking Hacks: The Science Behind the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

    Try These Baking Hacks to Up Your Cookie Game

    You like soft and chewy. Your spouse likes light and fluffy. Your kids like thin and crispy. If only there were a way to bake chocolate chip cookies to please everyone. Well, it turns out you can use science to create the perfect chocolate chip cookie. When you know how the different ingredients work together, you can use the simple baking hacks below to crush your cookie game.

    Make Butter Work Better

    When combined, flour and water form gluten, a tough network of interconnected proteins that set up as they bake. But here’s the thing. Gluten can’t form in fat, so the more butter you use, the more tender your cookie will be.

    The butter’s temperature will also affect the cookie’s texture. If you use melted butter in the raw dough the result is a flatter, chewier cookie. On the other hand, if you incorporate chunks of cold butter into the dough, you’ll get a fluffier, cakier cookie. Adding room temperature butter will yield results somewhere in between.

    Finally, butter gives your cookie the most intense flavor. Using margarine or shortening will yield a less flavorful cookie.

    Hack an Egg

    Egg whites contribute protein to the cookie. Egg proteins are particularly good at trapping and retaining bubbles of air and water vapor. Therefore, the higher the proportion of egg white in a cookie, the more it rises during baking, leading to a taller cookie.

    Egg yolks also provide some protein, but more importantly, they are a source of fat. When cooked, egg yolk forms a protein that can keep cookies tender and fudge-like.

    Unlock Sugar Secrets

    White sugar is crystallized sucrose, a disaccharide consisting of a fructose molecule and a glucose molecule linked together. These molecules don’t retain much moisture, so using white sugar only leads to a thin and crisp cookie.

    Brown sugar is mostly crystallized sucrose, but also contains a good amount of glucose and fructose, sugars that retain moisture, so you’ll get a taller, fluffier cookie with brown sugar. You’ll also get a more intense toffee flavor brown sugar.

    Experiment with combining the 2 sugars to find what you like best. Incidentally, if you want the absolute chewiest, most uniformly textured cookies, try replacing some of the white sugar with corn syrup. You’ll end up with wide, flat cookies that stay soft and flexible even when completely cooled.

    Learn Leavening Lessons

    Leavening introduces air to the internal structure of baked goods. You can use baking powder or baking soda. What’s the difference between the two?

    Baking soda is pure sodium bicarbonate, which is a base. When dissolved in liquid and combined with an acid, it rapidly reacts, breaking down into sodium, water, and carbon dioxide. Baking soda yields cookies that are craggier and denser in texture.

    Baking powder, on the other hand, is baking soda with powdered acids built right in. Baking powder generally produces cakier cookies that rise higher during baking, with smoother, shinier tops. 

    Up Your Flour’s Power

    Different flour varieties contain varying amounts of protein. Cake flour contains a relatively low amount of protein, which leads to very soft, almost mushy, cookies. Bread flour, on the other hand, contains a lot of protein, which leads chewy cookies. All-purpose flour sits somewhere in the middle of cake and bread flour. Use this flour if you plan on using other baking hacks to affect the outcome of your cookie.

    Of course, you can experiment with combining different types of flour to find what you like best.

    Choose Your Chocolate

    Of course, a chocolate chip cookie would be nothing without the chocolate chips. But once again there are some baking hacks that come into play.

    Traditional chocolate chips produce the most regular cookies, with small, melty pockets of chocolate. Chocolate discs or chunks will cause some degree of layering in the dough, creating a flakier cookie with larger sections of molten chocolate. Chocolate that you chop by hand produces a rich chocolatey flavor throughout the whole cookie, while larger chunks still melt into large, gooey pockets.

    Perform Temperature Tricks

    Not all baking hacks involve ingredients. Your oven temperature has a lot to do with how your cookie turns out. When baked at a lower temperature, say 300°F, the dough has more of a chance to spread out, leading to flatter, wider cookies. Conversely, cookies baked at higher temperatures, about 425°F spread less.

    We may never land on the perfect chocolate chip cookie that pleases everyone, but with these baking hacks, you can at least make the perfect cookie for yourself.

    Reno’s Appliance was founded in 1951 as Reno’s Radio & TV. Since then, the shop has grown to become the one-stop home appliance source trusted by thousands. Reno’s sons continue to carry on the tradition set forth by their father and exhibit exceptional customer service. We have every home appliance you will possibly need.

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