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  1. The Importance of a Good Outdoor Grill Cover

    The Importance of a Good Outdoor Grill Cover

    There’s nothing quite like firing up the grill for a backyard barbecue. Whether you’re feeding family, friends, or most of the neighborhood, cooking is just more fun when you’re outside. As grill experts, we find that most people don’t need to be convinced about the their many benefits. But, we wanted to tell you about one important accessory many people overlook—an outdoor grill cover.

    Why should you get a grill cover?

    There are several reasons you should invest in a high-quality grill cover:

    1. Protection from the elements: A grill cover helps protect your grill from any type of weather that Mother Nature can throw at it, be it rain, snow, sleet, hail, or wind. It will also protect your grill from dirt and falling twigs.
    2. Critter control: Grill covers are also essential for keeping pests out. Unprotected grills are prone to attract raccoons, opossums, squirrels, and other furry friends looking to lick up any leftover grease or drippings. In addition, bees, wasps, spiders, and other bugs think grills are the perfect spot to build a nest because there’s ample shade.
    3. Rust prevention: Constant exposure to wind and water will cause your grill to rust very quickly. Rust is notoriously hard to clean, leads to a poor working surface, and turns your beautiful grill into an eyesore.
    4. No “Ash Paste”: Ash paste forms when rainwater mixes with the charcoal ash at the bottom of your grill. When that paste hardens, it will turn into a cement-like substance that is near impossible to remove and reduces the efficiency of your grill.
    5. Long- and short-term storage: A high-quality grill cover will protect your grill between uses during grilling season and will be sturdy enough to protect your grill throughout the harsh winter months.
    6. Fuel fortress: If you store charcoal, wood, or other types of fuel under your grill, then an outdoor grill cover will also protect them from being exposed to moisture and becoming useless. If your grill uses a propane tank, then your grill cover will offer ample protection for that as well.

    What materials are grill covers made from?

    Outdoor grill covers are typically made from one of the following materials:

    • Polyester: Probably the most common grill cover you will come across is a polyester grill cover. It’s lightweight, easy to clean, and will stand up to almost all weather conditions. However, it’s not the most durable material, so you may need to replace it every couple of years.
    • Vinyl: Vinyl grill covers are highly waterproof, so they offer great protection from rain and snow. The downside is that they may not be as durable as other types of covers. So be sure are purchasing a thick, sturdy vinyl cover.
    • Canvas: Canvas grill covers are typically your cheapest option, and also the most durable material.

    What features should be considered when purchasing a grill cover?

    When you’re shopping for a grill cover, be sure to pay close attention to these features:

    • Size: You want your grill cover to be the right size for your grill. If it’s too small, it won’t provide ample protection. If it’s too big, then there might be enough room for animals to sneak in.
    • Straps: A grill cover with straps will help keep the cover in place even in windy conditions. Straps are also helpful in keeping unwanted pests out of your grill.
    • Air vents: Grill covers with air vents will prevent moisture and condensation from building up, which can lead to rust.
    • Pockets: Pockets can be especially useful when you put the cover on overnight and you want to keep your utensils close at hand and ready to use for the next grilling session.


    If you’re making an investment in a grill, then getting a grill cover is a no brainer. They’re inexpensive, effective, and will help make sure you continue to enjoy your grill for years to come.

    Reno’s Appliance carries grill covers and all kinds of accessories for your backyard cooking and entertaining needs. And of course, we also carry an extensive inventory of grills, including pro barbeque grills, freestanding grills, and charcoal grills.

    Reno’s Appliance was founded in 1951 as Reno’s Radio & TV. Since then, the shop has grown to become the one-stop home appliance source trusted by thousands. Reno’s sons continue to carry on the tradition set forth by their father and exhibit exceptional customer service. We have every home appliance you will possibly need.

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  2. The Dish on American vs. European Dishwashers

    The Dish on American vs. European Dishwashers

    If you’ve been dishwasher shopping recently, then you may have been asked if you were interested in an American or European-style dishwasher. Maybe that question caused some confusion. After all, aren’t all dishwashers pretty much the same? The short answer is no. As appliance experts, we wanted to make you aware of the significant differences between American vs. European dishwashers, so you can choose the best option for your home.


    European-built dishwashers are often more expensive than their American counterparts. The reason has to do with Europe’s environmental standards, which requires that European dishwashers use less water and energy than American machines. Therefore, the dishwasher itself needs to pick up the slack. European manufacturers use sturdy, hard-working, and often pricier parts and components to match the level of clean you’d get with a standard American model. However, use of high-quality parts also means your European machine will last longer than an American machine.


    If you’re looking at American vs. European dishwashers in terms of energy efficiency, then European models win. On average, a European dishwasher will use 3.5 gallons of water per cycle. A standard American model will use 6 gallons of water per cycle (although some Energy-Star rated models use about 4 gallons).

    American dishwashers also have a heated dry cycle. During heated dry, a coil at the bottom of the dishwasher heats up the air inside the dishwasher to dry the dishes. European dishwashers don’t have that option as it’s considered an unnecessary use of electricity. Because European models are so energy-efficient, they’ll help you save on utility bills. If you get a standard American dishwasher, then you can expect higher water and electricity bills.

    Noise Level

    In Europe, homes tend to be smaller, so loud dishwashers are very intrusive. That’s why European dishwashers are built to be very quiet. The main way that European manufacturers reduce noise levels is by using filters at the bottom of machines to catch food particles, instead of noisy food disposers found at the bottom of American models. However, many of the higher-end American models like KitchenAid are adding the filter system to compete with the quiet ratings of the European models.


    The size of American vs. European dishwashers is also quite different. Like most things American, the dishwashers are larger than their European counterparts. European machines are built for Europe’s smaller homes. They are known for their sleek, minimal appearance, which will sit flush in a standard 24” cabinet to for a seamless look. American models were built to have a larger capacity and will protrude about three inches out from a 24” deep cabinet.


    Generally speaking, European dishwashers have different types of features than the average American product. For instance, many European machines include a water softener filter, which is useful because hard water, present in many European countries, hinders the effectiveness of soap. Another feature found in European models is what is called “sensor technology,” designed to regulate the cycles of a washer and ensure that all resources are being used efficiently.

    Most American models don’t have those specific features, but will have a variety of wash cycles, a heated drying option, and water temperature controls, which are lacking in European models.


    American dishwasher brands include the names you’re probably most familiar with, such as Frigidaire, GE, Whirlpool, and Maytag. European Brands include Asko, Bosch, and Avanti.

    So when it comes to American vs. European dishwashers, there are a lot of differences to consider. However, keep in mind that American manufacturers have been adopting some of the best features of European machines, like quieter, more efficient operation. Meanwhile, European-style machines have gotten better at deep cleaning.


    If you’re interested in a new dishwasher, then come to Reno’s Appliance. We have an extensive inventory high-quality American and European dishwashers. Our knowledgeable and friendly sales team will help you find the perfect machine for your home.

    Reno’s Appliance was founded in 1951 as Reno’s Radio & TV. Since then, the shop has grown to become the one-stop home appliance source trusted by thousands. Reno’s sons continue to carry on the tradition set forth by their father and exhibit exceptional customer service. We have every home appliance you will possibly need.

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  3. Outdoor Appliance Experts Offer 6 Reasons You Need a Pro BBQ Grill

    Outdoor Appliance Experts Offer 6 Reasons You Need a Pro BBQ Grill

    Are you looking to heat up your grilling game this year? Then you’re definitely going to need a better grill. Professional-grade grills have become all the rage among grilling novices as well as those who consider themselves to be BBQ pros. As outdoor appliance experts, we’re here to offer six reasons why you need to get a pro BBQ grill, pronto!

    1. Better Tasting Food

    Can getting a pro grill actually make your food taste better? Absolutely. Pro grills have more precise controls and use ceramic charcoal briquettes for better heat distribution and more predictably delicious results than you’d ever get with a traditional grill. Your food will cook up perfectly, with less effort, every time. Steaks and burgers will be juicy, veggies will be crispy, and guests will be asking for seconds.

    1. Ultra-High-Quality Manufacturing

    When it comes to pro grills, you definitely get what you pay for. You’ll find that pro grills are flawlessly designed, solidly constructed, and engineered for ease of use. To ensure reliability, engineers stress-test designs under laboratory conditions that simulate years of use. When you invest in a pro grill, you can expect that it’s the last grill you’ll ever need to buy.

    1. Superb Searing Capability

    The perfect sear is the goal of every outdoor cooking enthusiast. Pro-level grills often have a dedicated area just for searing. Some grills take that feature a step further, allowing you to adjust searing temperature settings to get restaurant-quality sear marks that will leave your friends in awe.

    1. Built-In Rotisseries

    Do you want to really raise the bar at your next backyard barbecue? Then get yourself a pro grill with a built-in rotisserie. This is a feature that you might not think you need, until you actually have one. Then you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Imagine serving family and friends who might be expecting the standard barbeque fare, a perfectly roasted leg of lamb or pork loin with an assortment of roasted veggies. That certainly beats burgers and hot dogs any day of the week.

    1. Huge Cooking Capacity

    Pro grills have enormous capacity, which are ideal for the biggest backyard bashes. Finally, you can cook everything on the menu at once so it’s hot and fresh when you’re ready to eat. There will be no more squeezing burgers onto every last square inch. No more letting the chicken legs get cold while you’re grilling up veggies. And because everything cooks together, you’re not stuck behind a grill all day trying to keep up with the demand of your hungry crowd.

    1. Beauty

    Pro BBQ grills are simply gorgeous outdoor appliances. Does the appearance of a grill really matter? We think it does. We all spend a lot of time making sure that we have lush lawns. We pick out the perfect patio furniture and will gladly spend a few weekends sanding and staining the deck. Why would you want to have an old eyesore of a grill? A beautiful grill compliments the entire outdoor look you’ve worked so hard to cultivate.


    Ready to become a BBQ pro this summer? If so, a new grill is certainly in order. Head over to Reno’s Appliance to see our entire selection of pro grills, accessories, and other outdoor appliances from top brands like DCS, Lynx, and Viking. Then dig out your favorite grilling recipes and invite the neighbors over for a summer feast.

    Reno’s Appliance was founded in 1951 as Reno’s Radio & TV. Since then, the shop has grown to become the one-stop home appliance source trusted by thousands. Reno’s sons continue to carry on the tradition set forth by their father and exhibit exceptional customer service. We have every home appliance you will possibly need.

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  4. Skip the Flowers-Say Happy Mother's Day with Home Appliances Mom Actually Wants

    Skip the Flowers-Say Happy Mother's Day with Home Appliances Mom Actually Wants

    Are you trying to think of a unique gift idea for Mother’s Day this year? Do you think mom might be tired of the same old brunch and flowers routine? Consider saying Happy Mother’s Day with a gift of a new home appliance.

    Now, we’re not suggesting you get your mom a new vacuum or toaster. Rather, get your mom an appliance that matches her passions and interests. At Reno’s we’re experts in home appliances and wanted to make a few Mother’s Day gift suggestions for you.

    Show Mom You Love Her a Whole Latte

    Does mom love coffee? If she does, then maybe a new coffee maker is in order. But we’re not talking about a drip machine that you can get at any department store. Elevate mom’s coffee experience with a built-in coffee maker. These sophisticated machines are installed in or under cabinets to free up counter space. Beyond that, these machines enable mom to pre-program her exact coffee preferences, so she gets perfect, coffee-shop quality java day after day.

    Mom may also appreciate this Wolf coffee system. She can fill the whole bean reservoir with her favorite roast, and with press of a button, the beans are ground fresh and coffee is brewed in minutes. Of course pre-ground coffee can be scooped in as well. The Wolf coffee system is easy to use, clean, and install. It’s guaranteed to start mom’s day the right way.

    Win the Day with a Wine Fridge

    Even for the casual wine drinker, a wine fridge is a great gift idea for many reasons. For example, a wine fridge stores wine at the perfect temperature and humidity, which extends its shelf life and keeps it flavorful. Regular refrigerators are too cold for proper storage and cabinets are too warm. In addition, bottles of wine are stored securely, yet gently to prevent cracks, spills, and any other damage. Some of the best brands of these home appliances include Sub-ZeroSummit, and Marvel.

    Here’s a bonus idea: Pick up a few bottles of mom’s favorite vintage in addition to the wine fridge. Put them in the fridge to start her collection, but keep one out and make a toast—to mom of course.

    Cook up a Smart Idea

    We all love our mom’s cooking, but does she love to cook? Whether it’s gourmet meals, old fashioned comfort food, or a secret recipe for chocolate chip cookies, if your mom enjoys cooking, then she’ll love the convenience of a “smart” oven.

    Smart ovens can be connected to the Internet and controlled with a smart phone. For example, mom can use her phone to start preheating her GE Profile Wall Oven or GE Profile Range when she’s out and about, so it’s at the perfect temperature right when she walks in the door.

    Alternatively, maybe she’s already home, but busy with other things when the oven’s timer beeps. There’s no need for her to run to the kitchen. Mom can turn the oven off or reduce the oven’s temperature using her phone.

    There are even some ovens that will listen to mom’s voice commands. It’s true! Jenn-Air has partnered with Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service, enabling mom to use her voice to control any connected product.

    Simple voice commands have been created for everything from preheating and setting timers to changing temperatures and cooking modes. Some commands include:

    • “Alexa, tell Jenn-Air to preheat the oven to 350 degrees.”
    • “Alexa, tell Jenn-Air to reduce the oven temperature by 25 degrees”
    • "Alexa, tell Jenn-Air to set the oven timer for 12 minutes."

    Mom will love how easy it is to use. If this sounds like something mom would love, then make sure to visit Reno’s Appliance and ask about the Jenn-Air 30” Double Wall Oven and the Jenn-Air Microwave/Wall Oven. And, if you’re interested in other Alexa-enabled appliances, you can ask to see the Jenn-Air 72” Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator.


    Still not sure which home appliance will say Happy Mother’s Day in just the right way? Then stop by Reno’s Appliance in Paterson, NJ to view our wide selection of home appliances. Our friendly sales staff can make recommendations and guide you towards choosing the perfect gift for mom.

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