DishDrawer Double Dishwasher
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Height Range $40.00
Energy Star Certified
Fan assisted drying
Flow through detergent dispenser
Load Sensing
Quiet operation
SmartDrive technology
Capacity and loading
Accommodates long stemmed glasses
Accommodates plates up to 11"
Flexible racking system
Fold Down Cup Racks
Fold down tines
Place settings per drawer 7
Wash programs
Eco options
Genuine half load wash option
Permanent memory of the last cycle used
Three stage total flood protection
Child safety lock
Electronic fault/Diagnostic indicator
End of cycle beeps
Energy saving delay start option of up to 12 hours
Key lock
One button start
Rinse aid indicator light and lens
Power requirement
AMP draw 9.6A
Supply Frequency 60Hz
Supply voltage 110 - 120V
Cutlery basket 2
Warranty 1 year
Water Usage
Water Usage 1.7 gallons per drawer
Width 23.5938
Height 34.6562
Depth 21.4375
(P)Designed to fit existing kitchen cabinetry, the DishDrawer Double dishwasher has comparable dimensions to those of traditional dishwashers but provides the benefit of two independent drawers for added convenience and ergonomics.(/P)(B)Convenient (/B)(P)The DishDrawer Double dishwasher fits seven place settings per drawer and provides ultimate convenience as one drawer can be washing as you fill the other. DishDrawers allow flexible design options and good ergonomics in the kitchen. The double drawers can be used together or one at a time allowing you match the wash program to the exact load type in each drawer.(/P)(B)Efficient (/B)(P)This DishDrawer model has six wash programs, including Eco options to minimize water and energy usage. The world's first flow-through dispenser ensures detergent is thoroughly dissolved before washing, while a 3-stage filtration process removes debris and avoids blockages.(/P)(B)Innovative (/B)(P)The DishDrawer is a world's first. Providing ultimate convenience, allowing greater kitchen design options and better ergonomics, the double drawers can be used together or one at a time.(/P)(B)Ergonomic (/B)(P)DishDrawers are as easy to open and close as a kitchen drawer and conveniently positioned at countertop height so loading and unloading requires minimal bending. Foldable cup holders and tines allow you to place large pots and crockery into the drawer easily.(/P)(B)Safe (/B)(P)For added safety, a key lock and child lock are included.(/P)(B)Ecofriendly (/B)(P)These dishwashers offer Eco options to minimize water and energy usage. Less than two gallons of water per drawer is used in a Normal Eco wash program.(/P)
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