Wall-Mounted Ductless Split Systems M18DYF
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Model M18DYF
Cooling Capacity (Btu/hr) 9500 EA
Heating Capacity (Btu/hr) 22000
SEER 16.5
EER 12.2
Energy Star Qualified
Unit Dimensions
Height 10 7/8"
Width 31 1/8"
Depth 8 1/2"
Max. Line Length unit 82 total 98
Max. Height Difference 33'
Detailed Electrical Information
Voltage 230/208
Max. Total Draw Fuse/Breaker 20
Power Cord Length Hard Wired
Air Circulation 295 cubic feet per minute
Est. Yearly Operating Costs $128
Moisture Removal 2.9 pints/hour
Operating Temperatures (Cooling, °F) 60-115
Operating Temperatures (Heating, °F) 14-75
Performance Certifications AHRI, ETL, cETL
Net Weight lbs
Shipping Weight 26 lbs
Unit Dimensions
Height 32 5/8"
Width 35 3/8"
Depth 13"
Net Weight 136 lbs
Shipping Weight 154 lbs
Performance Certifications AHRI, ETL, cETL
(B)Why choose wall-mounted?(/B)(BR) (P)If you have one or more rooms without exterior walls or windows, a wall-mounted ductless split system will work beautifully. The indoor air handler is sleek, unobtrusive and quiet. You need only a 2" clearance from the ceiling, so you'll have lots of placement options. All systems come with a remote control, so even units high on the wall are easy to operate. There's also an optional wired, wall-mounted controller for models over 18000 Btu. See the full range of wall-mounted ductless split systems .(/P) (P)Choose from single-zone cooling models, single-zone heat pumps that cool and heat, and multizone heat pumps that individually cool and heat multiple rooms.(/P)(BR)(B)Cool and heat up to four zones(/B)(BR)(P)Like other ductless models, a wall-mounted system consists of an outdoor condensing unit and 1-4 indoor air handlers connected by refrigerant and electrical lines that run through a 3" opening in an exterior wall. This system requires a licensed HVAC technician to connect the lines between the indoor and outdoor components. (/P)(P)(B)Single-zone cooling(/B): This system has one outdoor condenser and one indoor air handler that cools one room. The new 115V models have cooling capacities of 9000 and 12000 Btu, and the 230/208V models range from 18000 to 33000 Btu. (/P)(P)(B)Single-zone heat pumps(/B): This system has one outdoor condenser and one indoor air handler that cools and heats one room. Cooling capacities range from 8500 to 22000 Btu, and heating capacities range from 10000 to 27600 Btu. (/P)(P)(B)Multizone heat pumps(/B): This system has one outdoor condenser and up to four indoor air handlers that cool and heat individual rooms. Each indoor unit is separately controlled for customized comfort settings, and units can be turned off in unoccupied rooms to save energy. Multizone systems are available in numerous configurations, with total system capacities between 18000 and 36000 Btu. Please consult Specifications by Model for details.(/P)(B)The advantages of Inverter Technology(/B)(BR)(P)Friedrich wall-mounted ductless split systems feature variable speed compressors and fans (called Inverter Technology), which reach the desired temperature faster, maintain it more accurately and reduce energy consumption with fewer compressor startups. (/P) (P)Our wall-mounted ductless split systems can cool and cool/heat 1-4 zones. Multizone systems let occupants independently set the temperature for individual comfort. Units in unoccupied rooms can be turned off to save energy.(/P)(P)Hard-to-find 115V 9000 and 12000 Btu/h models are available. Capacities up to 3 tons.(/P)(B)Available in cooling-only and cooling plus heat pump models(/B)(BR)(UL)(LI)(B)Cooling from(/B): 8500-33000 Btu(/LI)(LI)(B)Heating(/B): 10000-27600 Btu(/LI)(/UL)(UL)(LI)(B)Features(/B)(BR)(UL)(LI)LCD remote for each indoor unit(/LI)(LI)24-hour timer and sleep timer(/LI)(LI)Automatic, cooling, fan and heating* modes(/LI)(LI)4 fan speeds heating* or cooling, including a "quiet" setting(/LI)(LI)Continuous Air Sweep' (/LI)(LI)Auto-restart after power interruptions(/LI)(LI)Auto-shut flaps close when unit is off for a sleeker appearance(/LI)(LI)Washable, reusable air filters(/LI)(LI)Removable front grille(/LI)(LI)Auto-changeover*(/LI)(LI)Low ambient operation(/LI)(LI)Secured remote control holder(/LI)(LI)4 different transmitter codes to prevent unintentional interference with nearby units(/LI)(LI)Optional wired, wall-mounted controller available for models rated 18000 Btu or higher(/LI)(/UL)(/LI)(/UL)(P)* Heat pump models only(/P)
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