WallMaster WS12C10D
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WallMaster WS12C10D
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Height Range $919.00
Model WS12C10D
Cooling Capacity (Btu/hr) 12000
Heating Capacity (Btu/hr) n/a
EER 9.8
Energy Star Qualified
Unit Height 15 3/4"
Unit Width 26 1/2"
Unit Dimensions
Height 15 3/4"
Width 26 1/2"
Depth 21"
In-Wall Installation
Opening height 17 1/4"
Opening width 27 1/4"
Max. wall depth 15 5/16"
Additional Measurement Information
Depth with Front 22"
Min. Extension Into Room 7 1/2"
Min. Extension Outside 9/16"
Sleeve WSD
Detailed Electrical Information
Volts Rated 115
Cooling Amps 11.5
Cooling Watts 1223
Heating Amps n/a
Heating Watts n/a
Plug Face (NEMA #) 5-15P
Power Cord Length 6 ft.
Air Circulation 295 cubic feet per minute
Est. Yearly Operating Costs $98
Moisture Removal 3.3 pints/24 hours
Net Weight 112 lbs
Shipping Weight 116 lbs
Width 26.5000
Height 15.7500
Depth 21.0000
(B)The Perfect fit for a 27" sleeve(/B)(BR) (P)Whether you're replacing an existing 27" air conditioner or just want the ultimate thru-the-wall unit, WallMaster is the perfect fit. Built with the finest commercial-grade materials and components, WallMaster is durable, yet quiet. Its solid-side sleeve assures maximum performance in thicker wall applications and gives you multiple installation options . (/P) (P)Choose from cooling-only, cooling with electric heat or heat pump models. All WallMasters have a wireless remote plus convenient top-mount controls, a 24-hour programmable timer, an energy-efficient Money Saver(R) setting and other premium features .(/P)(BR)(B)Better Thru-the-Wall Performance with our Solid-Side Sleeve(/B)(BR)(P)Window air conditioners have side vents. Covering these vents can restrict air flow, diminish performance and could even void your warranty. WallMaster's solid-side sleeve has no side vents. You can install it through walls up to 15 5/16" deep without compromising performance.(/P)(B)Which Model is Right for Me?(/B)(BR)(P)WallMaster has cooling-only and cooling-plus-heat models for any climate. (/P)(P)(B)Cooling-only:(/B) Provides air conditioning without supplemental heat. Steel inner and outer weather panels (included with WSD sleeves) block cold winter air.(/P)(P)(B)Cooling with electric heat:(/B) Provides air conditioning and electric heat in a single unit. Ideal in regions with colder winter temperatures. (/P)(P)(B)Heat pump(/B): Provides air conditioning and high-efficiency heating in a single unit. Heat pumps are an excellent choice in regions with more temperate winter conditions(/P)(P)Our sizing guide will help you select the appropriate cooling and/or heating capacity(/P)(B)What's the Difference Between Electric Heat and a Heat Pump?(/B)(BR)(P)There are important operational differences that can impact your energy bill. Consider the average winter temperature in your area and consult your energy supplier about costs before you buy. (/P)(P)(B)Electric heat(/B), also known as electric resistance heat, is created when an element inside the unit is heated by an electric current. A fan sends the heat directly from the unit into the room - your hair dryer works the same way. Electric heat can be more comfortable in climates where the average winter temperature is below 45 F. (/P)(P)(B)A heat pump(/B) is an air conditioner that also can run in reverse to provide heat. In air conditioning mode it removes heat from the indoor air and expels it outside. In heating mode it extracts heat from the outdoor air and uses it to heat your indoor space. At peak efficiency heat pumps use 1/3 of the electricity used by an electric heat unit. However, heat pumps heat most comfortably and efficiently when the average winter temperature stays above 45 degrees F. They are not well suited to, or as energy-efficient in, colder climates.(/P) (B)Available in cooling-only, cooling plus electric heat and heat pump models(/B)(BR)(UL)(LI) 7800-15600 Btu(/LI)(/UL)(UL)(LI)(B)Comfort & Convenience(/B)(BR)(UL)(LI)Easy-to-reach, top mount controls (/LI)(LI)Remote control (/LI)(LI)24-hour programmable timer (/LI)(LI)Smart Fan auto adjusts fan speed to maintain desired temperature (/LI)(LI)3-speed fan (/LI)(LI)Washable, antimicrobial filter (/LI)(LI)Auto restart (/LI)(LI)Electronic defrost control (/LI)(LI)Insect barrier (/LI)(LI)Reversible louver allows a second air flow option(/LI)(/UL)(/LI)(LI)(B)Energy Savings(/B)(BR)(UL)(LI)Money Saver(R) setting saves money by operating the fan only when needed(/LI)(LI)ENERGY STAR(R) qualified models(/LI)(/UL)(/LI)(/UL)(UL)(LI)(B)Durability & Quality(/B)(BR)(UL)(LI)Rotary compressors provide quiet, dependable performance (/LI)(LI)Premium stamped exterior grille(/LI)(LI)Dense blower insulation (/LI)(LI)Rifled copper tubing (/LI)(LI)Impact resistant front cover (/LI)(LI)High-tech fins with sine wave lanced louvers increase energy efficiency by increasing surface area for heat exchange(/LI)(LI)AHAM certified performance(/LI)(LI)UL and C-UL-US listed (/LI)(/UL)(/LI)(LI)(B)Installation Features(/B)(BR)(UL)(LI)Mounts flush with the exterior wall for a neat appearance (/LI)(LI)Ideal for thicker wall installations, where side fins don't fit (/LI)(LI)A high-efficiency replacement for 27" sleeves including Fedders A and B * . Sleeve measures 27" W x 16 3/4" H(/LI)(/UL)(/LI)(/UL)(P)* Installation in Fedders B sleeve requires a baffle kit. See BAK under Accessories.(/P)
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