Product Feature: Miele's W1 Washer and T1 Dryer

Miele, one of the top appliance manufacturers in the world, has recently released the W1 washing machine and T1 dryer. This pair has been dubbed the everything washer and anywhere dryer because they were built with four key characteristics in mind:

  1. Perfect size
  2. Outstanding performance
  3. Unsurpassed convenience
  4. Extreme efficiency

A Truly Dynamic Laundry Duo

Both the W1 and T1 can be plugged into standard 120-volt outlets, rather than the 220-volt outlets that most machines require. That means no electrical upgrades are necessary and each machine is much more energy efficient than standard washers and dryers. In fact, both the W1 and T1 have been given ENERGY STAR® certification by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Each appliance can be controlled and monitored from your mobile phone or Wi-Fi-connected tablet when you download the Miele app. Easily start or stop loads when you’re away from home, receive notifications, order detergent and supplies, and more.

The W1 and T1 share these cool features, but each appliance has its own stand-alone features that deserve a closer look. 

Why the W1 Washer is a Winner

  • QuickIntenseWash: For when you’re short on time, this setting provides a high-level clean in less than one hour.
  • TwinDos: The TwinDos function has two detergent containers built into the appliance. A simple touch of a button dispenses the optimal amount of detergent for the size of the load, and the W1 will automatically release it at the perfect time for best results.
  • CapDosing: No more guess work or messy pours when it comes to adding fabric softener or other fabric conditioners. Simply place the pre-portioned Miele Caps into the fabric conditioner compartment of the W1. The machine will automatically add the contents during the wash cycle at the right time.
  • SingleWash: When you don’t quite have a full load, this setting lets you wash small loads in half the time, using up to 70% less water and 25% less energy, while maintaining excellent cleaning results.

Why the T1 Dryer Triumphs

  • Heat-pump technology: The low, gentle heat generated by the T1 isn’t released, but recycled in the unit, which increases efficiency by up to 60% when compared to conventional dryers.
  • Ventless design: Because the heat is recycled, ducts and vents are completely unnecessary. It truly is the go anywhere dryer.
  • FragranceDos: Add your favorite scent to your laundry with Miele’s fragrance pods. Simply fit the fragrance pod into the specially designed holder for delightfully scented and fluffy laundry.
  • SteamFinish: Say goodbye to your iron. The steam finish setting sprays a fine mist into the dryer during the cycle. The steam gently penetrates the clothing fibers for smoother, neater-looking clothes straight from the dryer.

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