Need Last-Minute Holiday Gifts? Reno’s to the Rescue!

We all know that the holidays are quickly approaching. If you have a few more gifts to buy and a few less shopping days than you thought, there’s no need to panic. Come to Reno’s Appliance to finish up your last-minute holiday shopping. We’ve got plenty of great gift ideas. In fact, here are three items that are perfect for that special someone on your list.

For The Coffee Lover

Do you know someone who’s a real coffee connoisseur? Is your sister an espresso enthusiast? Or maybe your brother’s a real bean buff? If so, then they will surely appreciate this Wolf coffee system. Much more than a mere coffee maker, the Wolf coffee system delivers outstanding coffee, cup after cup.

Any coffee drinker will love the built-in whole bean reservoir. They just fill it with their favorite roast, and at the press of a button the beans are ground fresh, and coffee is brewed in minutes. Of course pre-ground coffee can be scooped in as well.

The owner of this fabulous machine can pre-program their exact preferences including the strength of the coffee, the type of grind, and the size of the coffee. They’ll get their perfect cup every time. With the Wolf coffee system, all the popular coffee drinks—espresso, cappuccino, latte, macchiato—are available anytime. Plus, it makes great hot chocolate, chai lattes, and other hot drinks.

The Wolf coffee system is easy to use, clean, and install. It’s guaranteed to add some joy to anyone’s holiday.

For the Entertainer

Who do you know that’s having the holiday party this year? Who’s hosting the big Superbowl bash? Who has backyard barbecues every weekend? If you keep thinking of the same person, then they’ll love this Danby freestanding kegerator.

A keg cooler is the ideal appliance for anyone who loves entertaining friends and family. This solid unit by Danby is designed to easily hold kegs up to 60 liters. It includes a CO2 tank and all the necessary hardware to keep beer chilled to perfection and flowing freely.

This model has a smudge-proof, stainless steel exterior, so it looks great anywhere—in the backyard, the man cave, or living room. Plus it’s built tough, with a durable, scratch-resistant top and an automatic defrosting system. The best part is, it’s all backed by a 12-month warranty on parts and labor. With a Danby freestanding kegerator providing the refreshment, the party just won’t stop.

For Just about Anyone

The Avanti portable induction cooktop is lightweight, efficient, and easy to clean. Most important, it’s safer than gas or electric cookware because it cooks with induction technology. Place a pan that contains iron on the cooking surface, and the pan, not the cooking surface, heats up and cooks the food. Once the pan is removed, the cooktop is instantly cool to the touch.

The Avanti portable induction cooktop is a great gift for practically anyone. Campers and college students will love it because it gives them a safe, portable option for cooking food. It’s also great for anyone who can’t stand to turn on the oven during those hot summer months.

Reno’s to The Rescue

There’s still time to get your holiday shopping done. So, check your list twice, then head over to Reno’s Appliance to get something nice.

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