Make the Most of a Small Kitchen

Just because you are living with a small kitchen, does not mean that it can’t be functional. There are plenty of things that can fit in a small kitchen space, you just have to be creative when placing them.

  • Extra countertops. A small kitchen might not necessarily have a vast amount of countertop space. You can add extra space via a pullout counter, that way you can use it when you need it and hide it when you do not.
  • Microwave. Yes, you can fit a microwave in a small kitchen. If you do not want to take up valuable counter space, consider placing it beneath the counters. You could also purchase a compact microwave to better fit in the space.
  • Tall shelving. If you are working with a small kitchen space, consider incorporating shelving units that go up to the ceiling. This will enable you to take full advantage of the space and have plenty of storage to keep your necessities.
  • Compact refrigeration. In a small kitchen, you might not want to decrease the amount of space with a full-size refrigerator. An alternative is to purchase a compact refrigerator to store your food and make the most of your space.
  • Eating space. There are a few options for eating spaces in a small kitchen. If you can fit a table opt for a small, circular table and rounded seats. If you do not have the space for a table, consider using some counter space and placing two stools underneath.

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