Luxurious Kitchen Must-Haves

Are you planning a dream kitchen remodel? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite, luxurious kitchen must-haves to inspire your remodel.

  • Counter-depth refrigerator. If you have received tailored, customized cabinetry, you will most likely want to opt for a counter-depth refrigerator. This will ensure that the lines you have created in your kitchen with custom cabinets are maintained and the sleek look you desire is attained.
  • Big sink. Typically, sinks run about 8 inches deep. If you would prefer a little extra space, purchasing a sink that is 10 inches deep and very wide makes a big difference. The extra depth enables you to keep some dishes in the sink that you do not feel like washing quite yet and prevents splash back when cleaning.
  • Drawer dishwasher. Using a drawer dishwasher will enable you to run a partial load. Plus, you can wash your most used items daily, while waiting for the other drawer to fill up.
  • Convection steam oven. Convection steam ovens are a great way to cook your food. It works by circulating the hot air to provide a more even cooking experience. Cooking with steam-ovens are actually better for you. The reason is they retain more moisture and vitamins than food that is baked/broiled.
  • Pro range. If you really want to give your kitchen the luxurious feel, definitely go for a pro range. You will turn your space into a chef grade kitchen.

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