Kitchen Storage Zones

Planning your kitchen and determining the right amount of storage is crucial to a practical and visually appealing space. It is important to understand the kitchen storage zones as they will help your planning process.

  • Refrigerator storage central. One option for planning storage is utilizing the refrigerator space. The refrigerator is the starting point for most food preparation. Typically, we recommend placing your refrigerator near where you walk in with groceries. Adding a countertop near the refrigerator is a great spot to set your groceries down. Having easy access to your ingredients makes the cooking process go quicker. We recommend storing your mixing bowls and cooking utensils near this area.
  • Sink storage space. Another option for planning storage is near the sink. Ideally, the sink should be placed between the refrigerator and cooktop. Keep your trash and recycling bins nearby to make cleaning up meals more efficient. Near your sink, you should keep dishes, glasses, and dining utensils.
  • Range storage options. Finally, a great space for additional storage is near the range. Placing anything that is directly involved with the cooking process near the range is key towards an efficient workspace. Keep hot plates, potholders, oven mitts, and tools essential for dealing with hot items near the range. In addition, you will most likely be transferring cooked food to storage containers and serving dishes by the range, so keep those items nearby.

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