Finding the Best Freezer

Most homes have a refrigerator, with a freezer compartment which is convenient in the kitchen, but typically is insufficient for the amount of frozen foods a family will need. Savings associated with buying bulk frozen food can be substantial, and for long-term storage a freezer is the best option. These tips can help you find the best freezer for your needs.

Freezer Types

There are two types of freezers; chest and upright models. Each have their own pros and cons, and many users will choose a style based on convenience and capacity. Evaluation of your current refrigerator freezer can help to find which style most fits your need.

Freezers are available in a good variety of capacities, from the smaller units - apartment-sized 5 cubic feet models - to larger sizes in the 20 cubic foot range. The primary factors influencing your decision on a size will obviously be your family size, but other things to consider are various lifestyle factors - hunting, fishing, entertaining, etc.

Your location can also be a factor - the proximity of food markets and the convenience of making frequent trips there. Or do you want to “stock up”, and make fewer trips.

·      Chest Freezers. The most economical units are chest freezers. They also have the best frozen food storage space for bulky items, but are most inconvenient when it comes to cleaning the unit, and retrieving food. They do require more space to have in place, as well as room to open the lid. There is no fan in a chest freezer, so air circulation is limited and can hinder temperatures adjusting evenly throughout the freezer. However, as long as the whole chest freezer maintains a below zero Fahrenheit temperature, foods will remain frozen.

·      Upright Freezers. Usually costing more than chest models, upright freezers offer the most convenience when it comes to cleaning, organizing, and finding foods quickly. However, since the access is similar to a refrigerator, they tend to encourage lengthy browsing and can increase energy costs.

·      Convertible Freezer/Refrigerators. There is a new breed of freezers that offer the flexibility of being used for frozen foods, or adjusting temperature for use as a refrigerator. This feature can be an ideal choice for those who need more freezer space for seasonal storage.

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