Family Owned Appliance Store Shares Spring Cleaning Tips

After a long winter, we are excited to look ahead into spring. Undergoing a deep spring cleaning can be very helpful to making your home ready for the new season. As a family owned appliance store, we want to provide some of our favorite spring cleaning tips to our loyal customers.

  • Brighten up your light fixtures. Light fixtures and lamps can get dusty pretty quickly. As part of your spring cleaning efforts, do not forget to clean them.
  • Doors and handles. With people coming in and out of the house and rooms in it, doors and handles can get dirty and filled with germs. During your cleaning routine, wipe knobs and handles with your favorite cleaning product. Focus a little bit more of your efforts on the front door by cleaning it in its entirety with soapy water.
  • Windows. When cleaning your home, windows are important to focus on. During your typical cleaning session, you might focus solely on the baseboards. Give the tops of the window frames some TLC to clean away any dust and dirt that has accumulated.
  • Shelves. Do you have multiple shelves filled with nick knacks and books you have accumulated through the years? Take some time to sort through the shelves and clean and dust everything. You might want to declutter as well and get rid of things that you no longer like.
  • Rugs. Whenever you normally clean, you most likely vacuum on top of area rugs, however, have you thought about what lies beneath the surface? Remove any area rugs in your house and clean the floors, you will not regret it.
  • Oven and ranges. Simply using baking soda and water and applying it to your oven will easily take away the grime that is left over from cooking delicious meals. Don’t forget about the range hood. You can clean this by using soapy water.
  • Small, kitchen appliances. Focusing your efforts on the interior and exterior of kitchen appliances will really make your kitchen shine.
  • Storage containers. If you store food in storage containers, examine the condition of each. Has some food expired? Clean out the containers and replace with fresh product.
  • Laundry room. Be sure to wipe your washer and dryer frequently and vacuum in the laundry room area.

We hope that these spring cleaning tips help you refresh your home and prepare it for warmer weather.

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