Family Owned Appliance Store Shares Family Dinner Planning Tips

As a family owned appliance store, we understand the importance of sitting down as a family for dinner. However, with busy schedules, after-school events, and smartphone distractions, it can be difficult actually sitting around the table together. The benefits of family dinners are tremendous. Children do better in school and are physically and emotionally healthier. We thought it would be helpful to share some family dinner planning tips.

  • Make a plan. How many times do you think about what you are going to make for dinner that same night? Most people would say they do that far too often. Not only does that make your evening routine a bit more hectic, what with stopping at the grocery store to pick up any ingredients, but you have a higher chance of eating junk food by doing that. We recommend planning ahead during the weekend. Do one big grocery shop with all the ingredients that you will need and maybe even cook ahead for days you know you will be swamped.
  • Do something special. If you are just getting into the routine of eating dinners together as a family, consider doing something special. Light a candle and get some fresh flowers for the table. Maybe break out the nice dinnerware and a new tablecloth to set the mood.
  • Stay away from electronics. Family dinner night should be made a priority, which means that all electronics need to stay away from the table. The TV should be kept off and the focus should be turned towards dinner conversations.
  • Keep conversations positive. Family dinners are meant to be a positive experience, so stay away from negative conversations. Do not talk or complain about the food or touchy subjects. You do not want your family to dread family dinners, instead they should be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.
  • Stop snacking before dinner. If you want your family to have an appetite for dinner, it is important to stop snacking way before you sit down to eat dinner. If your children are hungry before a meal, they are more likely to try new things.
  • It is okay if you cannot sit down every night. Do not force family dinners. Sometimes they are just not feasible. Treasure the dinners you get to have together and plan for future dinners.

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