2017 Kitchen Trends

Are you thinking about renovating your kitchen? Before picking out appliances and finishes, you might want to take a look at what the kitchen trends are for 2017.

More color. Although white kitchens have not decreased in popularity, a new trend for 2017 is colorful cabinetry. People will start incorporating navy, black, cream, and gray in their cabinets. This will provide a contrast between cabinets and islands that is very visually appealing.
Expressing individual style. 2017 will also be a year where people take steps towards expressing their own style in their kitchens. Instead of following similar color patterns, people will personalize their space through their favorite colors and décor.
Chic color pallet. In addition to adding more color in cabinetry, a chic color pallet will be applied to accessories, hardware, and backsplashes. People will be using deep, rich jewel tones to make their space pop.
Updated cabinet design. While shaker style is still the most popular cabinet style, flat-panel designs are predicted to rise in popularity. Cabinets will become very modern with clean lines. The cabinet doors will be textured to provide detail.
Color pops. Kitchens in 2017 will see color pops on small appliances. Dusty pink is popping up in appliances and will be on dish towels and kitchen curtains.
Smart appliances. We are continuing to move towards a tech-driven world. Appliances are now able to be controlled via a smartphone while you are still at the office.
Low-maintenance. When people are in the kitchen, they want the clean-up to be easy and quick. This will be evident in design choices for surfaces and floors.

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