Kitchen Appliances
  1. A New Way to Cook: Wolf’s Convection Steam Oven

    A New Way to Cook: Wolf’s Convection Steam Oven

    If you love to cook, your oven might just be your best friend. However, your typical conventional or convection oven can only do so much to keep your highly anticipated meal from drying out and losing flavor. Luckily for you, the prestigious kitchen suppliers, Sub-Zero and Wolf, have introduced their Convection Steam Oven by Wolf. Once you cook with one, there’s no going back.

    The Convection Steam Oven, as hinted by its name, adds steam to the cooking process, while offering a convection setting when necessary. Original steam ovens lacked the convection setting offered by Wolf, allowing for less variety in the cooking process. Now you can combine the health and flavor benefits of a steam oven with the even, quick cooking of a convection oven. Plus, each unit is installed with a unique digital technology that is able to sense the amount and size of the food you are cooking and will self-adjust for optimum results. Cooking has never been so easy!

    Begin the cooking process with steam to keep food vibrant, hydrated, and rich in vitamins and minerals. Did you know that steaming vegetables can help them retain up to 22% more vitamins than traditional oven cooking? These ovens will work perfectly with anyone trying to keep a healthy lifestyle without worrying about the time needed for added efforts. Plus, you don’t need to enhance the flavor with any extra fats or oils. Then, if you are cooking something like a soufflé or bread, switch on the convection setting to create the perfect browning on top. Oh, and did we mention that when you are cooking multiple foods at once, the Convection Steam Oven will not transfer one food’s flavor to the other? Each food item keeps its own taste for a meal that is sure to impress.

    These ovens are also great for leftovers, which typically lose most of their flavor after being reheated. You are now able to use the steam to help reinfuse moisture in the food, keeping it fresh and flavorful. No more dried up meats or lackluster vegetables you’d rather not spend time eating.

    A final, important detail of every kitchen appliance, is how they fit into your existing kitchen design. Some ovens are clunky and can become an eyesore that sticks out amongst other appliances. The ovens made by Wolf are modern, sleek and can be installed flush with your cabinetry for a seamless integration. There is no bulk or protruding edges. The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home, and you should feel a sense of pride in your time there.

    Sub-Zero and Wolf has a great history of product performance, as well as an amazing repair history when needed. Their reliable products are sure to change the way you cook. If you’re looking to spice up your cooking routine, stop by the Reno’s showroom in Paterson, NJ to meet with one of our educated sales associates. We have been enhancing kitchens since 1951, offering consumers a wide variety of products that range in price to better fit individual budgets. You can also call Reno’s at 973-247-1860 to discuss our products more in-depth.

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  2. Jenn-Air Induction Cooktop Will Change the Way You Prepare Meals

    Jenn-Air Induction Cooktop Will Change the Way You Prepare Meals

    Thinking of replacing that outdated cooktop? Or maybe you’re planning to entirely redo your kitchen? Regardless of your reasoning, Reno’s Appliance has plenty of great appliances to choose from, such as the Jenn-Air Black 36” Induction Cooktop. Like the other Jenn-Air induction cooktops we feature, this electric unit is sleek with an uncluttered appearance that is appropriate for any kitchen. Jenn-Air clients recognize that their reputation is legendary; offering excellent design and a signature high-end product line for over five decades. This Jenn-Air Induction Cooktop features state of the art magnetic induction; warming or cooking food in less time than conventional gas or electric cooktops. Also, with the help of induction cook technology, the surface of your cooktop will not get as hot as your typical unit, making it safer and easier to clean. Do we still have your attention?

    This Jenn-Air unit is controlled with ease through touch sensitive technology, similar to your cell phone or touch enabled laptop. The control selections are easy to see, yet discreet at the same time, placing the touch panel at the center of the unit’s counter edge. With the slide of a finger, the unit is fully controlled from on and off, to a wide range of temperature changes that help you achieve meal preparation perfection for any recipe. And of course, with the touch sensitive control of this Jenn-Air unit, there are no little gadgets to take off and clean. Everyone loves easy to clean kitchen appliances and this one is sure to satisfy any kitchen owner.

    Any professional chef will tell you that one of the secrets to mouthwatering results from the kitchen to the dining room is both correct and consistent temperature during the cooking process. This is where the Jenn-Air Induction Cooktop outperforms conventional models. Gas flows waiver and electric cook points often fail to deliver the versatility of temperature selection that the induction cooktop offers. In other words, once the electric element is hot, it takes time to lower the temperature, sometimes over cooking or spoiling a recipe. That is not so with the Jenn-Air Induction Cooktop; which consistently delivers the temperature you select, with the capacity to lower or raise it as needed with exact precision. Whether cooking for the family or guests, the Jenn-Air Induction Cooktop will help you set the pace that you want.

    Also, with conventional gas or electric models, heat is not evenly distributed if the cookware is too large. The cookware just hangs over the edge of the element, begging for proper heat. With the Jenn-Air model, there are several programmable options you can set to help avoid this problem. With the stroke of one finger, two of the cooktop’s five points can be used to span the entire bottom of a large pan or even your favorite oversized griddle. In other words, two of the separate induction points can be programmed to work together as one point. Large holiday meals just got that much easier.

    Besides the option of bridging induction points for consistent heat within larger cookware, each cook point has a distinct programmable “Keep Warm Function.” Each point also has a separate timing feature, so that when cooking on multiple points, each piece of cookware receives the cook time you specify. And if that versatility is not enough, each induction point also features a separate warm, simmer, and melt function. You can enjoy the ease of function coupled with a durable design when it comes to this unit in your kitchen. Jenn-Air’s Induction Cooktop will surpass your expectations.

    Interested in this unit or one with similar features? Take a look around our website for our complete line of Jenn-Air products or feel free to visit our Reno’s Appliance showroom located in Paterson, NJ. The experts in our showroom are here to help you become acquainted with our wonderful product line. We are open year-round and in the late evenings for your convenience. You can also reach us by phone at 866-88-RENOS.

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  3. 5 Great Reasons to Connect Your Jenn-Air Oven to Amazon's Alexa

    5 Great Reasons to Connect Your Jenn-Air Oven to Amazon's Alexa

    What if you could control your oven with simple voice commands? Sound impossible? It’s not! Jenn-Air has partnered with Amazon to bring the power of voice command to your kitchen.

    Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service or simply, Alexa, is an intelligent, cloud-based service that enables you to use your voice to control any connected product, including select Jenn-Air ovens. As long as you have a registered Jenn-Air connected oven and access to Wi-Fi, you can link your Jenn-Air account to Amazon’s Alexa for simple, seamless voice interaction.

    Reno’s Appliance is pleased to offer these two Alexa-enabled ovens from Jenn-Air:

    You may be wondering: “Why do I need a voice-controlled oven?” It’s a good question, especially since you’ve probably been using a standard oven all of your life. Here are five great reasons you’ll want to connect your Jenn-Air oven to Alexa:

    1. It’s Simple and Intuitive: Simple voice commands have been created for everything from preheating and setting timers to changing temperatures and cooking modes. There’s no need to learn super-specific, awkward phrases. For example, you can say things like:
      • “Alexa, tell Jenn-Air to preheat the oven to 350 degrees.”
      • “Alexa, tell Jenn-Air to reduce the oven temperature by 25 degrees”
      • "Alexa, tell Jenn-Air to set the oven timer for 12 minutes."
      • "Alexa, tell Jenn-Air to preheat the oven for a 12-pound turkey."
      • “Alexa, ask Jenn-Air for time remaining on the oven timer.”

      For safety reasons, stovetop cooking and broil are not voice controlled, as that type of cooking requires constant supervision.

    2. You Can Multitask: How many times has this happened? You’re handling raw meat, or you’re wrist deep in cookie dough and you realize that you need to preheat the oven. With the Alexa-connected oven, you don’t need to stop what you’re doing and wash your hands just to go press a button. Simply tell Alexa what you need done and continue with your task.
    3. Alexa Understands You: Alexa has finely tuned automatic speech recognition technology. What that means is, Alexa understands the way you naturally speak. And the more you talk to Alexa, the more it understands your personal speech patterns and regional accent. There’s no reason to “talk like a robot” in order for your command to be understood like with some other voice-controlled devices. And, you won’t find yourself screaming the same simple command to Alexa over and over again in frustration. Alexa will hear you and immediately respond the first time.
    4. Jenn-Air Ovens Are “Future-Proofed”: With today’s technology evolving at break-neck speed, you may be reluctant to purchase a new piece of technology thinking that it will soon be obsolete. Jenn-Air will certainly keep innovating, but you can easily upgrade your current oven to incorporate these new features, helping to ensure that Jenn-Air wall ovens purchased today will be "future-proofed" from early obsolescence.
    5. Yes, There’s an App for That. In addition to controlling your Alexa-enabled oven with voice commands, you can control and monitor your oven through a free smartphone app. For example, you can check for doneness or preheat the oven while you’re in another room of your home.

    If this technology sounds like something you would like incorporated in your home, make sure to visit Reno’s Appliance and ask about the Jenn-Air 30” Double Wall Oven and the Jenn-Air Microwave/Wall Oven. And, if you’re interested in other Alexa-enable appliances, you can ask to see the Jenn-Air 72” Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator.

    Reno’s Appliance was founded in 1951 as Reno’s Radio & TV. Since then, the shop has grown to become the one-stop home appliance source trusted by thousands. Reno’s sons continue to carry on the tradition set forth by their father and exhibit exceptional customer service. We have every home appliance you will possibly need. Stop by our showroom in Paterson, NJ to view our selection.

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  4. The Refridgerator You've Been Searching For: Sub-Zero 42" Built-in Side-by-Side

    The Refridgerator You've Been Searching For: Sub-Zero 42" Built-in Side-by-Side

    Did you know that you can purchase a refrigerator that costs only a little more to operate than an incandescent light bulb, hour for hour? At Reno’s Appliance we offer some of the best refrigerators on the market today and we believe that the Sub-Zero 42” Built-in Side-by-Side unit is one to brag about. In 2000, Sub-Zero & Wolf merged to begin manufacturing a high-end, built-to-last product line of kitchen appliances you are sure to love.

    Sub-Zero has mastered the science of refrigerating and freezing your food, but there is more to a great refrigerator than just the temperature. What about the storage within the unit? They have the perfect answer to internal storage. Not only are there more shelf placement options with the 42” side-by-side unit, but there are also more drawer options. They have even thought of the daily wear and tear on refrigerator drawers, designing elongated handles for this unit. The handle design alone demonstrates the superior efforts of the engineering team at Sub-Zero. Plus, the team tests each and every refrigerator they make 24 hours before boxing them up for delivery.

    Now consider the Sub-Zero answer to temperature maintenance. When we look at these refrigerators, we see an entire product line that offers dual refrigeration systems. The refrigerator side stays cool and moist, while the dry air of the freezer prevents frost and freezer burn. The Sub-Zero 42” unit even offers precise temperature control so that your system remains within one degree of the setting you create. This keeps food at an ideal temperature. The unit also lets you know when a door is left ajar.

    The company engineers looked to NASA for help with continually eliminating the growth of those unwanted, microscopic visitors that cause the shelf life of food to decrease. You don’t have to understand the science of purified air to understand that spoiled food is money wasted. NASA agrees and so did Sub-Zero engineers. They made sure to install an air purification system in every unit to optimize the shelf life of the foods you buy.

    And what about the little things in refrigerator design improvements, such as the interior light needed for those secret midnight snacks or having to replace older refrigerator bulbs when they start blinking? We have you covered. The 42” Side-by-Side is outfitted with the latest in LED lighting, which equates to a brighter interior and eliminates the need to continuously go out and buy new bulbs.

    Let’s about longevity. The engineers at Sub-Zero project that with proper use, this unit will remain optimally functional for at least two decades. This means that besides capitalizing on the interior shelf life of your food, you are also purchasing a refrigerator that will save you the money of having to buy a replacement for a long time. The minimalist exteriors of the Sub-Zero units are adapted with that fact in mind. Their tasteful look is sure to fit any kitchen design changes throughout the decades.

    If you are ready to buy the refrigerator of your dreams, stop buy Reno’s Appliance in Paterson, NJ. We feature several Sub-Zero refrigerator models that may also interest you. Our showroom has extended evening hours for your convenience and our appliance experts are here to help explain any and all other advantages of the units we offer. Visit our website to browse before you stop by or give us a call at 866.88.RENOS. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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  5. The Best Kitchen Gadgets & Accessories for 2017

    The Best Kitchen Gadgets & Accessories for 2017

    Cooking can be a lot of fun, especially when you are using a new range and the following kitchen gadgets and accessories! We rounded up our favorite kitchen tools to share with you today.

    • Griddle for Preference Cooktops. Does your family enjoy a hearty, weekend breakfast? The griddle for Preference Cooktops take breakfast to a whole other level with plenty of space to prepare crispy bacon, French toast, and pancakes. They are scratch resistant, nonstick, and easy to clean.
    • Taco Truck. You might be thinking, how is a taco truck a kitchen accessory? Well, the Fred & Friends Taco Truck takes eating hard-shell tacos to a whole other level. Gone are the days of your taco spilling all over your plate. The taco truck comes with spots to hold two tacos at a time.
    • Searing Grill. Does a rainy evening ruin your outdoor grilling plans? A searing grill for a gas range is perfect for searing steaks, vegetables, chicken, or fish indoors. It is made of cast aluminum and its surface is easy to clean.
    • Bear Paws. How many times has it taken you forever to shred pulled pork or meat? Bear paws are an easy way to quickly and effectively shred your meat. Simply grip them and pull your meat apart.
    • Spaghetti Measuring Tool. Are you often unsure as to how much pasta you should prepare for your family? This spaghetti measuring tool is a fun and visual way to determine how much a child, woman, man, and a T-Rex needs to eat.
    • Color Changing Lid Lifters. Have you placed a lid over a pot of food only to walk away for a few seconds and come back to the pot boiling over? These color changing lid lifters are a great way to prevent that from occurring. Simply place the silicone lid lifter on your pot and watch it change colors as the heat rises.
    • Pizza Shovel. Do you often prepare pizzas for your family? Perhaps, it is time to get a little bit more professional with a pizza shovel. Using one will make it easier to bring your freshly cooked pizza from the oven to the table for your family.

    Reno’s Appliance was founded in 1951 as Reno’s Radio & TV. Since then, the shop has grown to become the one-stop home appliance source trusted by thousands. Reno’s sons continue to carry on the tradition set forth by their father and exhibit exceptional customer service. We have every home appliance you will possibly need. Stop by our showroom in Paterson, NJ to view our selection.

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  6. Microwave Recipes

    Microwave Recipes

    Have you recently purchased a microwave oven? Or are you experimenting with different dishes you can prepare in the microwave? As a home appliance store, we thought we would provide some options you can cook in the microwave.

    Blueberry Muffin in a Mug



    1 egg
    2 tablespoons golden flax meal
    2 tablespoons almond flour
    2-4 teaspoons of Stevia
    ½ teaspoon aluminum free baking powder
    1 flat tablespoon of coconut oil
    ¼ cup blueberries


    • Crack an egg into a coffee cup and whisk it with a fork.
    • Add the golden flax meal, almond flour, stevia, aluminum free baking powder, coconut oil.
    • Stir with a fork until mixed together.
    • Fold in the blueberries.
    • Microwave on high for one minute.

    Macaroni and Cheese


    ½ cup macaroni
    ½ cup water
    ¼ teaspoon salt
    ¼ cup milk
    ¼ to ½ cup shredded cheese


    • Add the pasta, water, and salt to a microwave-safe bowl.
    • Microwave the pasta for 2 minutes then stir.
    • Continue microwaving in 2-minute intervals until the pasta is cooked.
    • Stir the milk and cheese into the pasta.
    • Microwave in 30-second intervals to melt the cheese.

    Spiced Pumpkin Molten Mug Cake


    4 tablespoons flour
    1 ½ tablespoons sugar
    1/3 teaspoon baking powder
    ½ teaspoon mixed spice or pumpkin spice
    ¼ teaspoon cinnamon
    ½ tablespoon oil
    2 tablespoons canned pumpkin/cooked pureed pumpkin
    2 tablespoons milk
    1 tablespoon Biscoff spread


    • Mix all dry ingredients in a microwavable, medium sized mug with a fork.
    • Add pumpkin, oil, and milk. Mix well until combined.
    • Drop a tablespoon of Biscoff spread right in the middle.
    • Microwave on high for 70 seconds.

    Microwave Brownie


    2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
    1 ½ tablespoons whole wheat flour
    2 tablespoons water
    1 tablespoons plain nonfat Greek yogurt
    2 teaspoon agave
    1/8 teaspoon vanilla extract


    • Coat a ramekin with nonstick cooking spray and set aside.
    • In a small bowl whisk together the cocoa and flour.
    • In a separate bowl, stir together the water, yogurt, agave, and vanilla.
    • Add the dry ingredients into the wet, stirring just until incorporated.
    • Pour the batter into the prepared ramekin, and smooth out the top.
    • Microwave at 40% power for two minutes and fifteen seconds.
    • Let the brownie sit for three minutes before eating.

    Reno’s Appliance was founded in 1951 as Reno’s Radio & TV. Since then, the shop has grown to become the one-stop home appliance source trusted by thousands. Reno’s sons continue to carry on the tradition set forth by their father and exhibit exceptional customer service. We have every home appliance you will possibly need. Stop by our showroom in Paterson, NJ to view our selection.

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  7. Kitchen Organization Tips: Tackling the Refrigerator

    Kitchen Organization Tips: Tackling the Refrigerator

    How many times have you found yourself standing frustrated in front of your refrigerator because it is dirty, messy, and you can’t find what you are looking for? Save yourself the headache and learn how to properly organize your refrigerator with the following tips.

    Look to the professionals. No one organizes their fridge better than professional chefs and restaurant kitchens. Do you want to know their secret? They organize everything based off of the temperature that the food needs to be cooked to. For example, prepared foods and leftovers are placed at the top, and everything else that needs to be cooked goes below. The purpose for this is that nothing gets contaminated because the food that needs to be cooked at the highest temperature is all the way at the bottom.

    Store eggs on the middle shelf. In order to keep eggs properly stored, place them on the middle shelf where the temperature is the most consistent. You should also keep them in the original carton.

    Milk needs to be in the coldest spot. Think about where you usually place your milk. Is it on the top shelf or on the door? You should really be keeping it on the bottom shelf because that is the coldest spot in the fridge. For the same reason, yogurt, sour cream, and cottage cheese need to be stored on the bottom shelf.

    Packaged raw meat goes on the bottom. As we mentioned above, raw meat should be stored at the bottom of the fridge so as to not contaminate the rest of the food.

    Fruits and vegetables. While both provide nutritional value for you, they are stored very differently. Vegetables need some humidity to stay fresh longer. They should be placed in the drawer labeled high humidity. Fruit on the other hand, needs low humidity.

    Deli meat. Similar to raw meat, deli meats need to be kept in the coldest part of the fridge. If there is a shallow meat drawer at the bottom of the fridge, keep them there. If not, the bottom shelf is okay.

    Butter and condiments. Butter does not have to be very cold, so they can stay in the dairy compartment on the door. It is the warmest part of the fridge. Condiments can also reside on the door as they have natural preservatives to keep them from spoiling.

    Reno’s Appliance was founded in 1951 as Reno’s Radio & TV. Since then, the shop has grown to become the one-stop home appliance source trusted by thousands. Reno’s sons continue to carry on the tradition set forth by their father and exhibit exceptional customer service. We have every home appliance you will possibly need. Stop by our showroom in Paterson, NJ to view our selection.

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  8. Kitchen Storage Zones

    Kitchen Storage Zones

    Planning your kitchen and determining the right amount of storage is crucial to a practical and visually appealing space. It is important to understand the kitchen storage zones as they will help your planning process.

    • Refrigerator storage central. One option for planning storage is utilizing the refrigerator space. The refrigerator is the starting point for most food preparation. Typically, we recommend placing your refrigerator near where you walk in with groceries. Adding a countertop near the refrigerator is a great spot to set your groceries down. Having easy access to your ingredients makes the cooking process go quicker. We recommend storing your mixing bowls and cooking utensils near this area.
    • Sink storage space. Another option for planning storage is near the sink. Ideally, the sink should be placed between the refrigerator and cooktop. Keep your trash and recycling bins nearby to make cleaning up meals more efficient. Near your sink, you should keep dishes, glasses, and dining utensils.
    • Range storage options. Finally, a great space for additional storage is near the range. Placing anything that is directly involved with the cooking process near the range is key towards an efficient workspace. Keep hot plates, potholders, oven mitts, and tools essential for dealing with hot items near the range. In addition, you will most likely be transferring cooked food to storage containers and serving dishes by the range, so keep those items nearby.

    Reno’s Appliance was founded in 1951 as Reno’s Radio & TV. Since then, the shop has grown to become the one-stop home appliance source trusted by thousands. Reno’s sons continue to carry on the tradition set forth by their father and exhibit exceptional customer service. We have every home appliance you will possibly need. Stop by our showroom in Paterson, NJ to view our selection.

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  9. Kitchen Organization Tips

    Kitchen Organization Tips

    Have you noticed your kitchen getting a bit messier than you would like it to be? Keeping your kitchen organized is key to removing clutter. Here are some organization tips to help you:

    • Remove everything from kitchen surfaces. The first step towards organizing your kitchen is removing everything from surfaces. Clean the countertops and before placing the items back, ask yourself if this is something you want to be displaying. If not, find another place for the item.
    • Hang a rack for mail. Commonly, the first place mail will hit is any open counter space. To get rid of that clutter, hang a rack for mail, magazines, and newspapers. Plan a date where you will sort through it, remove, and respond wherever necessary.
    • Clean out your fridge. When was the last time you looked through your fridge? Remove products that have expired and figure out a way to use the remaining food.
    • Keep the dishes clean. Get in the habit of cleaning the dishes every day. Keeping dishes clean and out of sight will make a huge difference in the look of your kitchen. Planning to have some cabinet space near the sink and dishwasher will make it easy to unload and keep the space clean.
    • Consider using glass doors. Swapping out your cabinet doors for glass will help provide motivation to keep them organized and clean.
    • Get rid of unused items. If you haven’t used something in your kitchen for a long time, donate it. It’ll help you get rid of clutter.

    Reno’s Appliance was founded in 1951 as Reno’s Radio & TV. Since then, the shop has grown to become the one-stop home appliance source trusted by thousands. Reno’s sons continue to carry on the tradition set forth by their father and exhibit exceptional customer service. We have every home appliance you will possibly need. Stop by our showroom in Paterson, NJ to view our selection.

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  10. Kitchen Workflow Concepts

    Kitchen Workflow Concepts

    Before placing and installing your kitchen appliances, keep the four concepts addressed below in mind - you may choose to move your initial placement ideas, in lieu of a more effective and useful configuration

    The Kitchen Triangle

    When you think about things you do in your kitchen, and which appliances are most critical to your life, you think about your sink, stove, and refrigerator. But for some homeowners, the list will include dishwashers, wall ovens, or microwaves. Plan to keep these three elements within close proximity to one another, preventing any obstacles in-between these fixtures that might hinder or disrupt the tasks that you perform in this space.

    Position of the Sink

    Most of the time spent in the kitchen is at the sink, washing dishes and prepping food. For this reason, it’s a good idea to position the sink in the spot with the best view and most convenience to the rest of the space. Sinks and counters work well near windows, which will provide the most pleasant view for visual intrigue.

    Keeping a Clear Path

    Even in the smallest kitchen spaces, there needs to be a clear path to guide traffic through the space. This not only keeps the cooking area out of the path and safe when people are present, it can also give the kitchen a more cohesive, slightly larger feeling.

    Consider Air Circulation

    Kitchen can easily become stuffy, humid places, and it is integral to think about how you will be ventilating the space. Range hoods provide an excellent way to quickly rid the room of foul smells, particularly if the room is devoid of natural air flow from windows. Be sure to consider the position of your range when planning to install a hood, as it may be necessary to install these on out-facing walls for venting purposes.

    Where you place your appliances in your kitchen is extremely important, and it may end up dictating the rest of the design configuration of the entire room. Keep your personal priorities in mind when creating a path through the space, and position your major appliances thoughtfully. This will help to best develop the most efficient and functional space possible.

    To learn more about the different kitchen appliances that Reno’s Appliance offers, visit our showroom today at 235 McLean Ave in Paterson.

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